among the top 10 in the industrialized world, whereas the USA ranks at the bottom. Their immune systems are stronger.

The immune system is the key to all of this. Understanding it and the responsibility that everyone has to their own health offers the path to hope. Unlocking the immune system’s full strength is as simple as keeping the body structurally balanced and functioning properly, making sure that nutrition is constructive and not de- structive, staying physically active instead of being sedentary, and keeping a positive attitude to better manage stress. Viruses are everywhere and humans encounter millions of them every day; they negatively impact people who are either generally unhealthy or in a state of weakened health. It is time to shift the focus of American healthcare from disease to health. When that happens, life will not only be different, but it will be better.

So, to recap, the reaction to COVID-19 was based on the death rate and hypothetical asymptomatic transmission, but the mortal- ity rate is 94% lower now than it was reported originally and there is presently no quantifiable indication to support silent spreading, the burden of proof for which is on laboratory science to supply evidence that would unseat biological scientific obser- vations of the human immune system as the enduring standard. Quarantining healthy people remains a bold, disputed, and limitedly tested approach with its own paltry origins that other countries and even seven American states have shown to be needless. As America continues to feel the aftershocks from the equivalent of a terrible earthquake, it is important to look at all of the relevant data and recognize that the coronavirus itself may actually be a tremor while the response to it – and the mindset driving the response to it – is the earthquake.

Written by Chad McIntyre, DC of Triad Upper Cervical Clinic, 432A W. Mountain Street, Kernersville. For more information, visit or call 336-982-2536 for an appointment. See ad on this page.

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The brainstem regulates internal function; if compromised, the body breaks down and conditions gradually develop

Find the cause; find the solution

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Solutions to problems that develop inside of your body do not come from sources outside of the body.


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