Has Your Local Integrative Doctor Stopped Working with Bio-Identical HRT?

Struggling with Menopause? Overcome it with BHRT.

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atural hormone replacement therapy corrects the loss of our hormones that comes through aging and menopause. The term "natural hormone" means the bioidentical hormone our bodies make, and not synthetic ones made by the pharma- ceutical industry, which can be harmful as well as helpful. With replacement, patients report an increase in their psy- chological well being. PMS symptoms can be resolved, not uncommonly, in weeks. The medical benefits are a decrease in cardiac and vascular disease, strokes, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and even cancers. Because our goal is to return hormone levels to an optimal range, we test the following for any deficiencies: Thyroid hormone, which regulates temperature, metabo-


lism, cerebral function, and energy levels. It can protect against cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, fatigue and weight gain. DHEA, which stimulates the immune system, can restore

sexual vitality, improves moods, and decreases cholesterol and body fat. It improves memory, increases energy, and has anti- cancer properties by enhancing the immune system. Melatonin, which influences the quality and quantity of sleep, is also an energizer, a mood enhancer, and an antioxidant. It has also been shown to decrease the incidence of nocturia (getting up at night to urinate). Estrogen, has been proven to reduce the effects of heart

disease, stroke, high cholesterol, Alzheimer's disease, memory loss, menopausal symptoms, osteoporosis, skin thinning, the incidence of depression, and reverse the lack of libido. Progesterone, which acts as an antidepressant, mild tranquil-

izer, and natural painkiller. Bioidentical progesterone can elimi- nate symptoms of menopause, PMS emotional instability, headaches, and mood swings. Testosterone, which drops significantly in men over age 50.

This lowered level accounts for a loss of a man's sense of well- being, decrease in sex drive, loss of general muscle mass, in- creased abdominal obesity, osteoporosis, decrease in mental acuity, and decreased strength and endurance. And, yes, tes- tosterone levels should be tested in women, as well. Testoster- one therapy can reverse the gradual sexual apathy that occurs over time, while also increasing energy, and strength.

Do you want to feel better? Call the number below for a consult. The $200 charge is applied to the treatment fee if you elect to go forward. The conversation you and I have may be the best investment you ever made in your health and well being!

Off grid is when you are completely separated from the electric company and their system.

Deciding which system is right for you can be daunting and

each has its advantages and disadvantages. The hybrid seems most appealing because it gives the most options and the con- venience of still being connected to the grid and utilizing the energy company for storage on a regular basis. Why would one even want to go solar for their electricity

needs? There are many great reasons to go solar, of course ev- eryone’s first thought is “it’s environmentally friendly” and that is true, however it is not perfect energy. All energy has environ- mental impact and solar is no different. However, it absolutely has less impact than mining and fossil fuels. (www.solarreviews. com)

Solar: ~increases your property value

~increases attractiveness to your property ~creates independence for your energy needs ~gives you control over your energy costs

~Duke Energy will currently write you a check to offset your solar installation

~in the event of a catastrophic event or world crisis, peace of mind knowing you have electricity

~OH yes, of course REDUCES YOUR ELECTRIC BILL sometimes to ZERO

~provides protection against rising energy prices in the Triad, and according to Hethur with Idol Electric, those prices are slated to increase by DOUBLE in the next few years

~solar is up to 50% cheaper than it was five years ago

~Currently (these will eventually end!) there is a 26% Federal tax credit for installing solar, NC also offers incentives. Hethur says it is possible to obtain credits and incentives up front up to 52% of your system. You can pay for your system over time and sometimes with no money out of pocket. The rate of return can be as fast as 5 years.

~NC is geographically at a terrifc latitude position for maximum efficiency for solar energy Hethur also says

So what are the cons of solar energy? Not many. Once the Virgil V. Willard II, MD & Bandit


1011 N. Lindsay St., Ste. 202, High Point 27262 336-886-1667


panels outlive their lifespan (average is 30 years), the disposal becomes and issue. There are companies and scientists working on ways to re-use some of the materials used in the panels, one such company is NREL Also in the past there has been confusion as to whether it is

even legal in NC to be completely “off grid”, that is a complex issue but the short answer for energy (not speaking of sewage systems) is that it is legal HOWEVER every municipality and county has their own set of restrictions and rules, you must check with them prior. Working with a reputable solar installation

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