company helps you navigate all of these issues. Some may say but what if I move? Taking the system with

you in a move would be expensive and your net metering agree- ment is tied to the property, not the system. This is a consideration if you plan to move a lot. However, remember that the solar installation system instantly adds value and equity to your prop- erty and increases your home’s value and desirability. Besides those couple of things, there’s really not a lot one

can say against a solar solution for power. I spoke with two different acquaintances who have a solar installation system at their homes and this is what they answered to my questions:

Me: “What has your experience been?”

Betty: “My experience with solar has been great! I originally had a 5kw system installed 7 years ago by SolarTyme, a subsidiary of AAPCO. Two years ago I added another 5kw to it from K&J, Inc., got a 30% VA tax credit and my interest on the loan is tax deductible. My energy bill for my entire farm months has been $8-$24. I LOVE IT!

~Use a reputable and fully vetted solar company. They give FREE estimates so you can personally experience their profes- sionalism (or lack thereof). They should offer you at minimum a 20 year system and labor warranty. Make sure they are full service and can provide you with any of the three types of systems or a hybrid of those systems.

One of our local companies and an acquaintance of mine

owns one of the only female owned solar companies, and will be holding a free public Q&A session at Hell on Horsecreek Brewing in Madison NC, 107 E. Murphy St. Madison, NC August 20th at 7pm. RSVP not necessary

Resources: Solar panel recycling advances: press/2020/nrel-research-points-to-recycling-solar-panels.html

for the last 14

T: (same question): “We are extremely pleased and highly recom- mend it to others. We used Southern Energy. The estimates are free. We are on the Duke Energy net metering system (Reidsville) and received a 30% tax credit. Our system provided up to 90% of our energy needs. NC is a leader in solar energy, we have over 150 solar farms and several hundred more in the works. You can easily see a large on on 158 on the way to or from Reidsville, and nearby Walnut Cove has the largest solar farm in NC.

Things you need to know: ~The federal and state rebates WILL end. These incentives were put in place to get folks on board with solar and that has definitely happened. If you are going to do it, best to do it before these run out. Hethur Charlotte, owner 336-404-1699 gy/NC-Solar-Rebates

Really interesting book on solar energy: Let it Shine: The 6,000 Year Story of Solar Energy by John Perlin

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