THE GOALS OF THERAPY Counselors do not just delve into the

past; they help in the here and now to see things from a different perspective. Direc- tories of available counselors exist online through Psychology Today, or by putting in key words like “couples counseling, parenting counseling, anger management, or treatment for depression/anxiety”. Phy- sicians usually know of a local counselor to recommend and psychiatrists generally have several counselors they approve of to continue with talk therapy following diagnosis and medication recommenda- tions. The differences in types of therapists

are as follows.

• LPC/Licensed Professional Therapists work with populations in the normal range of functioning. Their clients gener- ally are experiencing a life transition or adjustment issues in life

• PH.D./Psychologists work with indi- viduals in the normal and also abnormal range of functioning. They can diagnosis mental disorders and provide talk ther-

apy for their clients, however, not being an M.D. , they may recommend medi- cines but do not prescribe them.

• Psychiatrists are first, medical doctors, then, they specialize in brain chemistry and behavior. Because they are M. D. doctors, they can and do prescribe medicine for their patients. Due to their higher hourly rates, often, they work with particular LPC therapists in provid- ing the ongoing talk therapy and patients return from time to time to tweak medicines with the psychiatrist. A 2 way release form allows the psychiatrist and LPC to communicate and monitor prog- ress in order to make adjustments as needed in medicine and therapy.

In closing, if the reader can imagine

a young sapling tree in the forest that has a larger limb land on it causing it to grow up “bent” for life. We, too, get “bent” unintentionally from our childhoods and need to learn to rethink some of the lessons we were taught as well as leave behind some of the hurts we experienced through words and actions. These old “wounds” continue to pop up in the “NOW” without

our realizing it. So, while therapists spend some time on the past, they work to help us feel secure and successful in the NOW so that we are emotionally healthy and live effective lives of joy.

What we think of ourselves will be

what we project onto others, therefore, thinking the very best of “self” is the first step to wholeness! The counselor will not cause you to forget the person you lost, he or she will help you maintain love for yourself while adjusting to life ahead.

Written by Linda Cash, M.Ed., NCC, LC- MHC. Looking for a holistic approach to solving life challenges? "In the midst of difficulty, lies opportunity" Carl Jung. Linda is a licensed professional counselor in Greensboro, NC who can help ascertain a path ahead that has clarity and focus. She can provide in person sessions with social distancing and a safe environment or telecounseling sessions if desired. In these uncertain times, we all need some- one who will listen and help find solutions and contentment in the process. Her web- site is For a free phone consultation call or text 336.212. 0159.

Dixon & Associates Therapy Services

We look at each patient as a unique individual, not a diagnosis. Personal attention is what our success is based on,

and our whole company is set up to make everyone’s experience with therapy a positive one.

Lori Dixon, OT/L Our Specialties:

Myofascial Release • Chronic Pain • Neck & Back Pain CranioSacral Therapy • TMJ Dysfunction

Women’s Health Issues • Hand Injuries • Orthopaedic Injuries Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCEs) • Worker’s Compensation

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