putting yourself last. If you scored 1-2:

Better with some room for improve- ment. Look at the one you didn’t check off. Where do you need to focus? Doing nice things for yourself or setting firmer boundaries?

If you scored a 3: Awesome! Now that you have the

basics down, how can you take your self-care to the next level? Remember, self-care isn’t selfish, it’s the only way to fill your own cup so you have something to share with others. So actually, it’s the exact opposite of selfishness.

B Answers Ok these were designed to score the

opposite of the others. These measure the energy of love you are radiating. If there isn’t an abundance of love in your life the first place I have clients look is their own energy level. Love is magnetic – it can’t come to you if you actively repel it.

If you scored a zero: Great news! You understand that

focusing on things you don’t like in your life attracts more of the same. What you resist persists.

If you scored 1-2: Ok. So, you’re human. I get that.

However, I’m sure you have slipped into these unconsciously. By becoming aware of the thoughts and words you use you become aware of how you craft the life you live. Consciousness isn’t a chore or a punishment, it’s a way of claiming your innate power as a creator of your own life.

If you scored 3 or more: Girlfriend we need to talk! Have you

ever heard the phrase, “You can’t get there from here?” Well, this is one of those times. You can’t attract the love your soul craves by running yourself or others down. It wants to come to you. It’s waiting patiently to be invited into your life. You just have to make room for it by moving out that negative baggage so it can move in.

C Answers These questions assess your actions of

If you scored 1-2: Good going. If you really want to

crank it up, resolve to do one love act a day. Look for ways you can surprise and delight. Focus on people you know AND random strangers. Mix it up – I promise if you do this consistently you will see a change!

If you scored a 3: Thank you for your service. You are

actively making this world a better place. Keep up the good work and know that your positive energy and action is con- tributing to a global transformation of peace and love.

So, I have a confession to make. This

love. Self-care is important, and changing your negative thoughts is imperative, how- ever please don’t overlook an essential piece to the puzzle. To get what you want you must give what you want! You can’t do something nice for someone else and not feel good. You can’t smile at someone else and not feel happy yourself.

If you scored a zero: Make today a new start. Decide on something nice to do for someone and do it immediately. The Universe loves action! Is there a thank you email you can send? Is there a checkout clerk at a store you can say something nice to? Is there a stranger who needs a hand? How about paying it forward at the drive-thru?

quiz is a cute assess- ment of where you are right now, however, the truth is you can’t attract love, you can’t lose love, because you are love! It’s already who you are at the core. You’ve just put a lot of junk over your

essence of love because of past hurts and fear. Self-care, positive thoughts, and lov- ing actions clear away the junk and allow you to resonate at the frequency of love that you truly are right here, right now. If you didn’t crush it in any or all of

these categories begin right now with a new start. Pick a category and focus on it for the next week. Try it for yourself and see if it doesn’t create a shift in your life. Let me know – I love to hear your success stories!!

Desire a results-oriented holistic solution? Do you yearn to: Create more balance in your life; Stop feeling so exhausted; Un- cover your life’s passion; Attain clarity about what’s next for you; Revive your relationships; Craft a deeper spiritual con- nection; Access a place of health & hap- piness? Donna can guide you from here to there, call for your free 15-minute consultation and discover a different ap- proach. 336-540-0088. Offices in Greens- boro & Winston-Salem. Visit www.don- See ad on page 27.

Daniel Lackey, FNP-C Daniel Lackey, FNP-C

Daniel Lackey, FNP-C is a board certified Nurse Practitioner. His background is in Emergency Medi- cine, with 5 years of experience as an ER nurse. His nurse practitioner degree includes specialties in fami- ly practice and adult gerontological acute care. Following his true pas- sion, however, he also obtained a certification in functional medi- cine. He finds it is truly rewarding and efficacious to address the root cause of illness instead of viewing the body as separate systems.

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