need to be addressed and are frustrating, and 3) integration (blending the best and worst of each party into a harmonious relationship that satisfies both parties). So, like your teeth or your car, you need a “tune up” from time to time. Mar- riage counseling can benefit not only the couple but the entire family. Children who see parents who truly communicate, re- spect and honor one another will know how to be in similar relationships in their own adult lives. This is the greatest gift to children, moms and dads that truly love one another! Vows usually include to “honor and cherish” one another. Is that happening in your partnership? When partners feel lonely even when

together, feel left out due to interactions with others, even the children, there are no longer date nights or intimacy, abusive talking to each other, put downs, bringing up the past, not taking responsibility, blam- ing, and any name calling are reasons to seek professional help. Discussing or put- ting down each others’ families are addi- tional red flags for marriages that are in trouble. Having to be “right” can bring

any partnership to its knees! More serious “couple issues” involve one or both partners in addictions, (can be substances, shopping, porn, gaming, and the many ways we find short term energy releasing behaviors that are destructive to all concerned. Affairs can be either ben- eficial or cause the demise of relationships when worked through effectively. SOS signs for sure!!!

Individual Counseling: Worry, and anxiety because the bills are piling up, kids are getting “on nerves”, kids are struggling in school, aging parents, jobs are stressful…are just a few reasons to seek a professional “listener” to assist with options and ways to handle the stress. Grief over any recent or unresolved loss in life is additional reason to seek help. While we all feel stress in a stressful

situation, if you have been miserable for months, it is time call a therapist! If you find problems causing you to lack concen- tration, lack of sleep, too much sleep, or you just can’t function as you feel you should, call SOS!

Anxiety affects a huge and mounting number of adults in today’s world of lengthy war, economic loss, job losses, financial strains, and interpersonal rela- tionships. Anxiety reducing medicines are far more effective when coupled with talk therapy with a trained professional to sort out issues and solutions. Meds alone sim- ply camouflage the root cause of the problems that are depleting the brain of necessary chemicals to bring calm and resolve back to the forefront of life.

Parenting: The job of parenting can be one that is stressful and confusing. We tend to par- ent like our parents from families of origin. However, the “other parent” has different ideas on how to parent from his/her fam- ily of origin. We either tend to copy our own parents, or do the opposite, neither of which works sometimes. Too, commu- nicating and cooperating with the “other parent” is not always easy or “heard”. Professionals can bridge such gaps with their expertise in studying this most impor- tant relationship in life.



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