SOS Seeking Out Serenity/ Sinking FAST! / Emotional Rescue!

answers for you! “Summertime…..and the livin’ is easy” as the song goes….is not necessar- ily true for so many of us in this stressful world we live in. In fact, all four seasons have their challenges, specifically, holi- days when families gather….and some- times wound each other. Family reunions, weddings,

I funerals, hospital waiting

rooms, holidays, often take a huge toll on emotions for all of us. Old buttons get pushed and old wounds reopened….is there rescue for these emotions that play over and over on the tape in our heads? “What OTHERS think of YOU is

NONE of YOUR business” (author un- known)

While true, and we need to learn not

to take what others say or do personally, it is easier said than done! Making assump- tions also only adds fuel to the fire in our minds. The “tracks” play over and over and often resemble the hurtful comments we heard as children and have not dealt with even now. For many weeks, those nagging hurts cause us to feel blue or out of sorts. Fam- ily gatherings bring those old hurts to the table along with general anxiety to boot. Anxiety is produced from the economy, news on the TV, bored kids at home, “that


f you think you need professional help but don’t know where to start, what to say or how much it may cost, here are

tone of voice” others use when they speak to us, the heat, sleeplessness and general worry. Talking with friends and family only worsen these problems as most are not trained to truly listen and share potential options in an unbiased way. Everything in life is a relationship; we are in relationship with ourselves, others, partner relationships, parenting, spiritual- ity, possessions, money, personal health and exercise, food, our world, politics just to name a few relationships in each life. Dr. Phil says “we teach people how to treat us” which is so very true! While some people have diagnosed mental conditions, most of us do not. We do, however, all experience emotional distress that is less serious but still affects our lives in a negative manner. Many people find comfort and help in talking with an unbiased professional who has studied these relationship issues that are common to us all, yet, the solutions often evade us without a trained professional to guide us through the jungle in our minds. We see doctors when we hurt, we take our car to a professional when it seems broken, we pay others to train us at

the gym,

therapists are the professionals who can help us sort out our thoughts and how they affect our lives. Seeing a therapist does not mean

anyone, men or women, are weak or crazy! Most therapists today work with

clients in brief therapy, usually 4 to 12 sessions whether individual therapy, couples counseling, or family counseling. Many physicians recommend that their patients see a therapist in order to further healing in their physical bodies. Our biography becomes our biology, or, in other words, our mental outlook and health greatly affects our physical well- ness.

Before relationship issues become

firmly entrenched, it is wise to seek help and talk therapy in order to find solutions that alleviate the stress, sleeplessness, “that tone”, irritability, contempt, hopelessness, and critical attitudes toward yourself and/ or others. Eye rolling, sneering, silence, saying things like “you always” or “you never” or “have to”, “gotta”, “must”, “ought,” to yourself or others are signs that nerves are unraveling.


Marriage or couples counseling: It is best to have counseling prior to marriage or partnering. Most of us do not do this, however, other than a short talk with the official who we chose to perform the ceremony. All relationships go through three definite stages: 1) attachment (every- thing is WONDERFUL and PERFECT), 2) detachment (there are differences here that

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