ing businesses and grade schools open and asking the elderly to shelter in place. It has a similar population as the state of Illinois, yet half the number of COVID cases and 30% fewer deaths; Il- linois locked down tight, while Sweden was relatively wide open. Dr. Anders Tegnell, Sweden’s chief epidemiologist, referred to the lockdowns as “madness” that ignored everything known about pandemic containment.

The data also demands an explanation as to why officials have continued implementing panic-driven restrictions based on March projections that fortunately proved inaccurate. The el- derly are being kept away from their families even though the approach has not made them less susceptible to COVID. Massive hoops through which families must jump for kids to go back to school are being created when so little evidence exists that chil- dren are spreading the virus and while experts around the world maintain a position that schools should go back to normal. Suicide rates, alcohol and drug related deaths, child abuse, and domestic violence have all increased. Quality of life has practi- cally been deemed inconsequential, as savings and retirement accounts have been drained. These are just a few examples of how living life around fear is a dangerous path. What began as a conscious exercise to reduce risk has become an unsettling journey to create an impossible-to-achieve no risk scenario.

There is a lot to sort out once the above breakdown is digested. Each of the other components of the COVID response hinge on the validity of the previously discussed, highly flawed concepts. Social distancing is another poorly researched hypothesis without peer-reviewed support; at face value, the hashtags for stopping the spread, flattening the curve, and staying home to save lives

made sense, but when their foundation was shaken, they no longer carried weight and are no longer logical, especially con- sidering the socio-economic downsides. And if quarantining healthy people is unfounded, then what does that say for manda- tory masking of healthy people, another notion with little to no support, as confirmed by the US Surgeon General and the New England Journal of Medicine. On the contrary, masks can slow down the immune system and have other detrimental side effects. And if there is already a massive natural immunity to COVID-19, then why is the dominant theme of the expert commentary still that a vaccine is needed to propel America beyond the crisis? It takes a decade to properly develop a vaccine and it is very dan- gerous to rush that process.

COVID-19 is one of the most emotional topics in modern his- tory. It is hard to have a conversation about it without an argument occurring. Let that be the last of the important acknowledgements made as the end of this article draws near. Unfortunately, the asymptomatic transmission hypothesis has made it that much more challenging to avoid conversations about the coronavirus becoming circular arguments, which tend to spiral out of control and accomplish nothing more than upsetting all parties. If it is generally accepted without the critical element of it becoming a supportable scientific theory, Americans could be forced to live their lives around infectious disease indefinitely; it opens Pan- dora’s Box. While maintaining an unjustified undercurrent of fear, church, football games, vacations, movies, etc. could forever be lessened in their inherent ability to help you grow, escape, or destress. Life might never be the same.

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The bright side of this is that it offers the chance to make change and rebuild. The caveat is that change only happens when there is a realization that it needs to be made. COVID has opened the door for conversations about the systemic problem that America has been dealing with for decades. Healthcare has been designed around fear and around removing personal responsibility, and the last four months have shown how deep that rabbit-hole can go. System wide, it has been assumed that human immunity was too weak to be trusted. People, as a direct result of modern American healthcare’s educational shortcomings, do not under- stand health or the immune system. Such is why it “shocks” the general public and its leaders when they learn that you cannot run and hide from viruses. American healthcare, as a system, has done the equivalent of tune into one radio frequency, then ignored the existence by and large of all other frequencies and taught the people that there is only one frequency that matters. It is hard to hear hope on the frequency that only plays fear’s greatest hits. So, change the frequency.

It is not 1918, when the water supply used for elimination was also used for rehydration and bathing. The baseline strength of the immune system today is immense, a fact being proven repeat- edly in the age of COVID. That cannot be downplayed, ignored, or dismissed as conspiracy theorist jargon. Japan swiftly dealt with COVID. They suggested (not forced) the biggest restrictions on Tokyo, which is home to 5 million more people than New York City, one of the most locked down cities in the world, but Tokyo has 250 times less COVID deaths. Why? The Japanese are generally much healthier than Americans, their system ranking

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