Going Solar in the Triad

now may be the time to take that leap. Let’s explore the pros and cons (mostly pros) of solar energy solutions. Residential solar can be set up three ways, depending on


your goals and your municipalities’ allowances: grid tied, grid tied with battery backup and off grid.

Grid tied is when your solar installation system is con- nected to the “grid”, that is whatever energy company services your area. The excess solar energy that your system produced will be stored on that companies grid. Net metered means they keep track of your system’s output and what they are storing for you, and when you need energy (electricity) back (perhaps dur- ing a gloomy winter or rainy period), you will be able to pull

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olar installation costs have plummeted by up to 50% over the last few years. Have you ever considered solar energy for your home? If you have, and you’ve been on the fence,

from that stored energy that your system produced. In NC the energy company is required to do this. You “could” actually sell your excess energy but as a residential energy producer this would not be the optimal situation. You then become a whole- saler and it is considered income producing which opens you up to taxation (these taxes are in the pipeline, they are coming according to Hethur Charlotte, co-owner of Idol Solar in Winston- Salem. When you set your system relationship with your energy company as net metering, it is a fair trade relationship and that means every dollar of power produced by your system, you get back when you need it. No batteries are needed, the power company becomes your storage facility.

Grid tied with battery backup is a hybrid set up that your system is still tied into the grid but in the event the grid goes down, you can utilize your batteries to store energy.

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I’m offering early risk detection for diabetes, heart attack and stroke, along with natural solutions to reduce risk.

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