Pg 8 • March 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC. Pet Tales from Moose!

Sonoma County, CA. ~ You may not know me but I’m Moose the dog. I re- cently passed across the rainbow bridge. For those you that are not familiar with this, it’s when a beloved pets time is up. They cross over to some kind of doggy heaven. Not that we want to

go, but when it is time, it is time. I want to pass this along to everyone about the joy of being a dog. The best part is that you get to spend time with special peo- ple. People who love you and would do anything for you. My people taught me how to be a good dog. They took the time to teach me tricks, like sit and lay down and the impor- tant stay command. I was

their dog and they were my people. We would go for walk so I could smell the world around me. Did

By Rick Slottow • JOKES & Humor # 3

ter what pet they have. It could be a cat, a hamster, or a snake.

All pets are good pets. Personally, I think dogs are the best, especially me, being Moose the dog. If you do own a dog then good for you. As dogs, we are loyal, loving and always waiting for you to come home. If you don’t know the joys of being a dog parent, you do not know what you are missing. You don’t have to go out and get a dog because there are ways to ex-

you know dogs have great noses? They can smell so much more then their peo- ple can. I think the people with pets are some or the most wonderful people there are. I doesn’t mat-

perience their love without the commitment of being a forever home. They call it fostering. Fostering a dog means you get to take care of one but not keep it forever. You just let them

be in your home until they find a good home. Many rescues are always in the need of foster homes. These dogs come from all walks of life, from puppies, older dogs, to dogs with special needs. I person- ally have met lots of dogs this way. They spend time at my home, sometimes for a few weeks, some- times even for a month. The hardest part of this is letting the dog go. They grow on you. It becomes hard to let go of a dog that has become a friend. And yet again, it’s a joy to know that you helped one of us to learn the ways of being a good dog. There are many places to investigate this idea. One website my person found is sonoma/Activities/dog_ rescue. This site has lots of great information about fostering, adopting and where you can bring your dog. I would hope you in- vestigate this. If not to just look at the adorable dogs but to learn more about how you can help dogs in need. If you would like to write

about your dog or fond memories of a dog you once owned send it to: mynamesimoose@gmail. com.

That’s the bark for now!

Guidelines for Submissions: 300 word max. High res- olution photo (Don’t edit it.

Send as is)

Get to Rick by 15th of each month. Tell your tale!

Have fun! Pg 8 • March 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

Before going in for surgery I thought it would be funny if I posted a note on myself telling the surgeon to be careful. After the surgery I found another note on my- self .”Anyone know where my cell phone is???

Sooner or later, those who win are those who think they can.

Richard Bach Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character. ~ Albert Einstein

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