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You Cannot Babysit Your Own Children Upbeat in Petaluma, CA! The 21st Century Family

by Gabriel A. Fraire ~

Sonoma County, CA. ~ Sometimes

I’m embar-

rassed to be a male. Ac- tually a lot of the time I’m embar- rassed by it, espe - c i a l l y

when the topic of con- versation turns to things like childcare or house- work.

the 60’s I was duped into

Being a child of thinking


generation was going to be different. As we grew up and began having our own families I thought the men would just naturally be- come more involved in the

Wrong. I was raised to

believe that no work is de- meaning and that everyone had to share in the house- hold chores. I have four brothers, and one sister, and we all did our share of

rearing of the children. I thought since we preached equality of races and sexes that we “baby boomers” would erase the stereo- typical


roles around the house.

clothes ironing, bathroom cleaning and diaper chang- ing. There was never even an implication of this is women’s work and this is man’s work. A day doesn’t go by where some woman says to me something like, “Oh, how nice, you’re taking your daughter to school. I wish my husband would do that.”

I could retire if I had

a dime for every time a woman, seeing me with my daughters, said to me, “Oh babysitting today?” When I’m asked if I am babysitting I smile and say, “Oh no, these are my chil- dren.”


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Pg 6 • March 2020 • UPBEAT TIMES, INC.

Never whine, never complain, never try to justify yourself. ~ Robert Greene

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