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ble to leprechauns.” The assumption is everyone should know that lepre- chauns and fairy folk en- joy pinching people not in green “because they can be invisible and can do it at random!” Ouch. Maybe it’s the rough weather they enjoy all over the U.K., but they certainly all love tea time. However, in Ire- land, a favorite dish when celebrating is their sturdy “Guinness Beef Stew.” If you have not already found the fabulous website of re- ally great recipes called “Just a Pinch” you’ll have more than this treat ~ really several hundred at least. Malinda Coletta lists her very best recipe for that famous dish. Be- cause her chef husband worked in an Irish Pub, this is “the real deal.” (Please, our vegan loving family, look the other way for a while…)

I n g red i en ts: (for about 4 persons) 1 lb beef stew meat cut into cubes; 4 medium sized carrots, sliced; 6 sprigs of thyme; 1½ bottles of Guinness –or other good, stout beer; 1 pkg froz. onions; ½ cup water; ½ cup flour; ¼ cup honey; salt and pep- per to taste. Directions: Trim and dry stew meat. Add oil to large pot (we use a Creuset). Add cut meat and brown. Add sliced carrots. Add Guinness, be sure meat and car- rots are covered. Sim- mer for roughly an hour. Then, add onions and thyme. About another half hour of simmer-

ing is needed. Mix flour and water in a bowl un- til smooth. Add to stew, stir and check to see juices thicken. Next, add honey, salt and pepper. Taste: (always a ne- cessity)

to adjust sea-

sonings. Usually served over fluffy, mashed po- tatoes. Then call out: “Bain taitneamh as do bheile!” which from the Irish Gaelic means “Bon Appetit!”

For my friends who love fine music in all genres as much as I do, I need to admit it has taken me until now to discover some treasures avail- able for one and all on YouTube. Idina Men- zel sings a very moving “At This Table.” --In the realm of classical music, @Classical Tunes will reveal the most talented child prodigy I have ever heard. He is Eliseh Mysin, only about eight years old, who is incred- ibly mature and displays an unnervingly brilliant insight musically in his confident and loving ren- dition of all Mozart piano repertoire. Truly aston- ishing. For my nature loving

friends, our “resident” bluebird, a really large one is back to announce Spring. We have dubbed him “Bartolomeo” for his prodigious musical tal- ent. And just maybe, because the Italian Bartolomeo Cristoforo invented the piano in 1700.

Please, never forget, “Love and laughter heals all wounds.” ~ Ellie

...continued from page 4 ter is so relaxing as well as drowning out negative sounds and attracting precious wildlife. Keep weeding and try spraying the vine- gar mixture on pesky plants.

The basic Emerging Signs Of Life!...continued from page 13

houses. Visit the ‘Taste of Tea’, ‘Russian River Tea

recipe is mix 1-gal- lon vinegar, 2 cups kosher salt, 1/4 cup laundry detergent, stir. A pump sprayer works well with a wand. Please use eye protection. Restock your garden attire withs big brimmed hats, scarves and bandanas. Find that perfect pair of flexible, protective gloves. Com- fortable garden shoes and clogs for your hard-work- ing feet are a must. Peruse through the selections of hand trowels, rakes, forks and spades.

Visit Har-

mony Farms and stock up on seed starting supplies, amendments and organic soil for the season ahead. Visit the inspiring Seed Bank in Petaluma and pick up some of their heirloom seeds from Baker Creek. Time for a healthy spring tonic for your emerging spring spirit. Explore rec- ipes online. Try Hojicha tea. A very popular tea in Japan. Lower in caffeine making this a soothing rather than stimulating tea, ideal for after dinners with its warm caramel essence. Experiment with all green teas from Japan available in Santa Rosa and Healds- burg at wonderful tea

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UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • March 2020 • Pg 31

“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, every- thing that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.” May Sarton

House’ and ‘Tudor Rose English Tea Room’ for starters.

They have won-

derful sweet and savory offerings to dine upon. Some reviews say they are “out of this world!’ You decide! With their bright exotic rosy-

almost seeds, perching

red chest and head, house finches cluster around feeders full of black oiled sunflower about

white latticework of the garden trellis.

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