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UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • March 2020 • Pg 3 Te Golden Hill of Change Facts & Trivia #1 by Paul Andrew Doyle, Publisher ~

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Change is always in the air, whether it be temper- ature, sun, rain, peo- ple,

lions of other random fac- tors. Change is happening continuously. I love all the seasons. Spring is a won- derful time because the garden gets a major make- over and I receive in turn, exercise and fresh air! The onions, leaks, garlic, chives and various colored varieties of onion mark the beginning of my garden- ing season. The sun is also so very refreshing. As all of us know who have lived in here in Sonoma County, this time a year is normally pretty wet. But the dryness is also a welcome change. With little rain and plenty of sunshine, it has allowed me to work on outdoor projects I would have not necessarily been

to work on. Yes, people are already complaining about lack of rain, but in reality, if a per- son looks at it in a positive way, they’ll find the sun really helps with a more positive outlook. It is said there is an abundance of vitamin D associated with sunshine. Just sitting outside every morning, drinking a cup of coffee when the sun is up or even just before, I find it peaceful & relaxing. It sets the pace for my day.


family , business and a num- ber of bil-


I don’t actually sit directly in the sun. I sit in the shade and think about what I can get

physically accom-

change that will forever give the reader a greater positive experience. We are transitioning into

wonderful attributes

has to offer. I am very excited for this change. It has re-inspired me. I hope I bring just a little of the positive side of life to everyone who touches this paper. Those of you who have read this paper for

also inspired me to always be at my best.

I am reminded each day to remain positive

challenges the world presents each and every day. In order to grow, I must be willing to change and adapt every single day!

There is nothing so stable as change.

Bob Dylan

plished. At my home, I run circles around everyone… Going from one task to another and never really stopping until I sit down around 5:30 or six pm to enjoy the sunset every night with my wife. We talk and play ball

with our three small dogs while sipping on some sort of liquid li- bation,

cold water… rain or shine. I’ve actually

an abundance of evening photographs consisting of high clouds and lower clouds with hues of the evening spectrum of pur- ples, blues and oranges. I don’t always have a con- tinuous amount of energy, but when I do, it comes in a flood of action, such as giving our paper an entire face-lift so-to-speak. The blossoms of change are upon Upbeat Times!

or fresh ice collected

tea fetch

a magazine style newspa- per, one that we hope will impress you. I am always trying to get better at what I do.

months bringing vibrancy and clarity to our posi- tive vision of celebrating life and doing our best to incorporate some of the

We keep moving forward,

opening new doors, and doing new things, because


we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths. Walt Disney

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. ~ Stephen Hawking the next two

May this issue find you well!

If all goes as well as planned, we hope to in- corporate a glossy cover within

despite humble all

and the

all these years have life

The first St. Patrick’s Day celebration in the United States was held in Boston in 1737.

The color of St. Patrick’s Day was originally blue. Wearing green has become a staple of St. Patrick’s Day, but the holiday was originally associated with the color blue. It’s thought that the shift to green happened because of Ireland’s nickname “The Emerald Isle,” the green in the Irish flag and the shamrock, or clover. Green ribbons and shamrocks were worn as early as the 17th century.

Legend says that each leaf of the clover has a meaning: Hope, Faith, Love and Luck.


Beer is one of the most widely consumed beverages on St. Patrick’s Day.


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