UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • March 2020 • Pg 29 Taking Ownership! by James Fish • Golf Coach 101

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ Ea- gles are a special breed of raptor. When we see one in the wild we know we are have seen something awesome. My first encounter with the eagle totem came as I was crossing through the Si- erra on a Grey- hound bus and there above me were two bald eagles flying near the jagged edge of a moun- tain. I took the visitation as an omen of my jour- ney into Califor- nia from Boston, Massachusetts. This wolf was no longer a cub, and had left his original pack to find adventure and a pot of gold on the western frontier. Little did I know at

the time that golf would somehow become a shining chunk of gold at my rainbow’s end. Truly it has been noth- ing short of a miracle. I owe much of what I have today to this royal and ancient game. It has become my livelihood for the last twenty years and I could not be any happier in my calling as an ambassador to the golf community. Being both a Club-fitter at Golf Mart here in Santa Rosa and a Golf Instructor at the Foxtail Golf Club in Rohnert Park keeps me always busy and on my toes. Looking at it from a Buddhist perspective,

this is my dharma, and everyone I meet is a Buddha and I am but a humble servant to the

up requires commitment, discipline, passion and a willingness to embrace the spirit of change. We all run into bad and unhealthy patterns and those do not need to rule or define us. That is why I am con- stantly looking for the elevated perspect iv e to help stu- dents achieve a broader and more robust view of the landscape. My advice is sim- ple; take own- ership of the ea- gle spirit within you. Knowing how to use

Sangjha, the community of golfers. Eagle Eye Golf works

hard to help all of my students in their quest for golfing excellence. Building a better golf game from the ground

one’s imagination effec- tively is how we become more creative. Creativity on a golf course awaits us at every turn. So when you are look-

ing at your target, use the eagle wings to ele-

Solution from February, 2020 CROSSWORD

vate and pick a target higher up that is above your primary target. This is called tak-

ing ownership of flight. When we do this we are giving ourselves permis- sion to fly like an eagle and see clearly into the distance. I also encourage my

students to use their breath as a way to bring that energy and that image into one’s body so that it can touch the cells of the body. This is how we take

our visions out from the abstract and make them real. Get in touch with your inner eagle today because truly the sky is the limit.

Punitentiary #3 The

Why did the golfer need new socks?

Because there was a hole in one. ~

What is a golfer’s favorite dance move? The Bogey. ~

Why did Tarzan spend so much time on the golf course?

He was perfecting his swing. ~

What is a golfer’s worst nightmare?

Te Bogeyman. ~

If you golf on election day…

Be sure to cast an absent-tee ballot.

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Life is what we make it, always has been, always will be. ~ Grandma Moses UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • March 2020 • Pg 29

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