What our clients think of Better Hearing Clinic, Cockermouth

• I went to see Bernard at the Cockermouth clinic as I had concerns about my hearing and ear health. I found him to be very friendly, knowledgeable and professional. Te consultation was good value for money. I would definitely recommend him to anyone with hearing loss or ear problems.

• Amazing service! Went to get ear wax removal and my little brother a hearing test. Te consultation put me at complete ease and he was great with my brother who was very fascinated about the entire procedure. Overall spectacular service from the moment you walk through the door to the moment you leave.

• I visited Bernard as I suspected that I had a problem with my hearing in my right ear. Aſter a free consultation, where a camera was gently inserted into both ears, I booked a full hearing test. I was highly impressed with Bernard: he explained everything clearly and simply and is a lovely man. He conducted the tests and explained the results in a comprehensive, easy to understand way. Whilst I am suffering mild hearing loss, he gave me plenty of tips and techniques to manage my hearing in social situations, without the need to buy a hearing aid. I thoroughly enjoyed my appointment - I've never said that about any 'medical appointment' before! I learned so much about hearing and would definitely recommend Bernard. If you have any doubts about your hearing, make an appointment to see Bernard.

• Initially went to the Better Hearing Clinic for earwax removal. I enquired about private hearing aids as technology is advancing so much, my NHS hearing aids are so big and bulky and uncomfortable in hot weather and oſten whistle. Bernard was so helpful and knowledgeable and patient. I had a hearing test which was more precise than the NHS. I was born deaf and my 80% unusual hearing loss is not age-related. Bernard fitted me with two Unitron aids which were programmed to help my hearing loss. Te sound quality is unbelievable and not tinny at all. I was so impressed, plus the aſtercare service is brilliant too. I have just come back from a six- months checkup on my aids. Can’t fault it. So pleased with them. ltd/reviews/?ref=page_internal


~ ZHU LI MCGURK AND BEN DIXON ~ World of Tomorrow Entrepreneur Competition

The World of Tomorrow competition was launched by Jacobs Ltd in Keswick School in December 2018 and aimed to find young entrepreneurs among our generation for the future. Mr. Tom Pritt, from Jacobs, led an assembly on inventions of the past and concepts for the future to inspire us on our task to design our own future products. All of Year 9 took part during form time. Ben and I were excited that we could do any project of our choice and it took us a while to decide what to do. Eventually, we decided to solve the problem of ambulance response times to cyclists in rural areas because recently many people we knew had suffered injuries from bike crashes. We decided to focus on a redesign of the helmet into an entire smart safety system using current and developing technologies. Our product, MetSafe, would be a Bluetooth- enabled product that could forward injury statistics to the emergency services, as well as conducting automatic callouts in the case of a crash.

After all 64 entries were judged by apprentices from Jacobs, the top 15 were announced in March 2019 and we were elated to find ourselves among them. We were told to prepare for the next round, which would be a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style presentation of our product. The 5-minute pitch we performed was going to be judged on confidence, content and delivery, amongst the original criteria like materials, costings, production and benefits. We were excited to develop our concept but the idea of presenting it was terrifying! We prepared by repeatedly rehearsing and making cue cards. When we finally did present the product, we felt it went quite well and despite being nervous, we delivered the pitch successfully.

On Friday 28th June, all 15 groups who took part in the last round were waiting anxiously in assembly to find out the results from the competition. The assembly had a video montage of all the groups introducing themselves and their products, made by Year 9 student, Andrew Crellin. The Head teacher, Mr. Jackson, praised all our designs and congratulated us for managing to get so far in the competition. Then, to our surprise, he started to describe our entry! We were surprised and delighted to hear that we had won the competition! Mr. Pritt presented each of us with a mug, certificates and a huge shield donated by Jacobs. We believe that the competition was an amazing opportunity for students, and it helped us think outside the box and developed our confidence significantly. We are glad to have taken part and we hope next year’s competitors think so too!

By Zhu Li McGurk and Ben Dixon (Year 9)

ISSUE 433 | 18 JULY 2019 | 9

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