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I enjoy stopping to chat with others when I’m out walking. Those that are with me have got used to me stopping for the craic. I’ve met many interesting people, situations and animals, so this month, I’ve put together a selection for you which I hope that you will enjoy.

Chris Jesty at Watch Hill,

Cockermouth – Chris, author and cartographer revised the Alfred Wainwright


Guides to produce the second editions between 2005 and 2010.

The Guides were

originally published between 1955 and 1966. Frances and

I met Chris in January 2010 on a beautiful winter’s day with snow covering the town and the fells. He was busy on Watch Hill and was in the process of revising the Outlying Fells book. Thanks to Chris, routes in the books are now highlighted in red, car parking has been added and with the assistance of GPS, heights

of amended.

Mark Richards at Causey Pike – Mark, originally a farmer, was encouraged

by Alfred

Wainwright in 1973 to write his first walking guide ‘The Cotswold Way’. Since then, he created a range of walking

guides including ‘The Hadrian’s Wall

Path’ and the ‘Lakeland Fellranger Collection’. I met Mark in 2010 and enjoyed hearing about his writing. He is also well-known for his pen and ink drawings.

Jessica, Andy and Jack at Catbells – Jack, the puppy, in his

stylish Jessica striped Andy

arrived at the summit in July 2016

accompanied and


Cambridge. All three were captured on camera at that

carrier by

the fells have

special moment and were subsequently featured in the August/ September edition of Cockermouth Post.

Sheep at

in a Graystones

Tangle near

Cockermouth – Frances and I were walking to Graystones fell summit [1476 feet] from Harrot Hill Farm, Armaside on Monday,

24th June when we were faced

with a sheep caught up in a tangle in a section of fence. Wire cutters would have freed the sheep in an instant but our efforts took the best part of an hour to free her with only walking poles to assist. It was one of those situations that you couldn’t ignore – we were glad that we could deal with the situation.

Julia Bradbury at Keswick – Julia appeared at Theatre by the Lake in May 2007 just after her BBC Wainwright Walks been


programmes She

moment which I captured on camera – the image was later used by the DofE organisation to promote the scheme.

WanderFritz at Beaumont near Carlisle – On 6th May 2017, the Cockermouth Churches [CTiCA] Walking Group were nearing completion of their Burgh by Sands walk when we met a group of four German speakers who were enjoying their Hadrian’s Wall Walk. It turned out that they were Swiss and one of the Group was Fritz Hegi aka WanderFritz, famous in Switzerland for walking tours and hikes. He has a website promoting these tours. Our two Groups enjoyed a short time together before we moved on. We took photographs of the two Groups together.

On the morning of Sunday 7th May, I woke up early and decided to view the WanderFritz website and what did I find? A photograph of our two Groups at Beaumont. Fritz had uploaded the images taken on Saturday to his website.

had spoke about her life including her

television work and I was able to ask her if there were any more programmes to be shown on BBC. She replied that there were no further walks to Wainwright summits planned but that she was about to start filming a short series on Wainwright’s Coast to Coast route. The audience were pleased to hear that news.

th re

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Group at High Seat – In July 2013, Terry and Anne Peate, Frances and I were exploring the fell and why a man named John Litt and two memorial stones were featured in the Wainwright

Pictorial Guide. At the summit, we met a group of DofE participants from Buxton, enjoying the


The main image with this article is the one that appears on the at . Fritz is stood next to me, fourth in on the left of the photograph. The image is still featured on the website under the Hadrian’s Wall images. Fritz and I still keep in touch via Twitter.

On Sunday next 30th June, I’m going to be face- to-face

with my former

school chums. We are all 70 and the last time we were all together was in 1965. I do hope that we recognise each other. One thing’s for sure, the Beatles haircuts will have gone and replaced by many shades of grey.

Explore and discover! Stan

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Meeting Wanderfritz!

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