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The resurfacing of anger and other negative emotions

When I was driving from The Lakes to Derbyshire last week, I heard a discussion on the Jeremy Vine show about a group of men’s barbers who have set up a form of ‘barber therapy’, where they encourage men to talk openly about their mental health while they are having their hair cut. It’s OK – the barbers have had some training!

It occurred to me, not for the first time recently, that there are so many ways nowadays in which people’s historic issues, difficulties and emotions are being suddenly surfaced – via a multitude of documentaries, news stories and much-publicised work of the young Royals, for example, in setting up their ‘Heads Together’ mental health charity.

‘Me too’ has also surfaced many old instances of abuse and hurt and all these things will have had an effect on most of us at some level, if only a sense of empathy and compassion for those involved.

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Given the historic level of suppression around those issues in our society, it’s likely that many of us will have experienced a resurrection of old memories and old, un-useful and difficult emotions.

I’ll be open about my own experience and say that what ‘Me too’ surfaced for me was not the mental and physical abuse itself that I suffered at the hands of my first husband but a long-buried fury and hurt that most of our ‘friends’, who witnessed the physical violence at first-hand, did and said nothing at all to help me. It was like that then but that didn’t make it right.

Sometimes, old memories and emotions resurface when we watch a programme, a film, a documentary, or perhaps when we hear someone else’s story. Sometimes a particular place or set of circumstances will remind us of things we would rather forget.

As the people I trained with used to say, when these things do consciously surface, it’s likely that your helpful, unconscious mind is presenting you with the memory at this time, because it’s now safe to deal with and resolve both the memory and the emotions attached to it.

It may be that a single emotion has suddenly risen to the surface for you, apparently from nowhere – anger, sadness, fear (and/or anxiety) or guilt. Whatever it is, if it has surfaced, now is probably the time to resolve it.

You don’t need to go through a long and painful process to do this. As my clients testify, many long-standing issues, conditions and old, negative emotional baggage can be surprisingly easily and safely released, using the techniques I work with.

In the case of my ‘Me Too’ fury and hurt, I used them successfully for myself!

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