Paddle School Playgroup

Come along for a play! Every Friday during term time 9.30 – 11.00am

Our weekly Paddle Preschool Playgroup meets every Friday from 9.30 – 11.00am in our school hall and is run in partnership with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT).

We welcome Yummy Mummies (and Daddies), Terrific Toddlers and Bouncing Babies! Please join us for a play, a chat, a cuppa and a snack. We have lots of exciting activities on offer including toys, games, singing, dancing and story time. £1 donation per family.

Tel: 01900 823188 Email: Embleton

Members of Embleton WI welcomed several guests to their recent meeting, including members of Dovenby, Thirlmere and Greysouthen WI. Our speaker was Andy Walsh

from The Coffee Kitchen Bakery.

Andy set up the Coffee Kitchen in Challoner Street, Cockermouth in 2011 and the Coffee Kitchen Bakery in Market Street in 2015. He is a supporter of the Real Bread Campaign and most of the bread he bakes contains just four ingredients, flour, yeast, water and salt. Unlike most mass-produced bread, nothing is added to make the bread last longer.

The bakery can make up to 45 different types of bread, with about 12 varieties on sale every day, as well as scones and seasonal items. Apart from a mechanical mixer and dough splitter everything is made by hand. Anne Burton thanked Andy for a fascinating talk and for all the samples which everyone enjoyed.

The competition for a bread recipe was won by Esme Studholme, with Evelyn Chester second.

On 12th August, we will be having our summer outing.

Meetings are held at 7.30pm at the village hall on the second Wednesday of each month. We are always pleased to welcome guests and new members. Please contact our secretary, Joanna South on 01900 828110 for further information.

Maggie Grant Katy, Daniel and their Garden Friend A SHORT STORY FOR YOUNG CHILDREN BY CHRIS BOWER©2019

Katy and Daniel each have their own part of the garden where Katy grows flowers and Daniel tries to grow vegetables. Daniel does not work in the garden as much as Katy, so his garden has a lot of weeds.

When they are working in their garden, they have a friend who comes to see them. It is a robin who always hops over to them to see what they are doing and to see if there is anything to eat. It is not afraid of them because it knows they are always kind to it. They love to see their robin, who is like a friend.

One day, they are in the garden with the robin who has just found something good to eat. Suddenly, a big hawk swoops down with its wings spread as it glides over the garden. Then, with a flurry of its wings it has gone just as quickly as it came. The robin has also gone. They cannot see it any more. Daddy tells them that the hawk could have caught the robin, because that is what hawks do. Katy cries and Daniel looks very sad.

They go indoors to have a drink. As they look out of the window, they see their robin! It hops out of some bushes all fluffed up with annoyance, and seems to say, “Did you see that horrible hawk. He tried to catch me. What a cheek!”


Katy and Daniel burst out laughing because they are so happy to see their friend. They go out into the garden and find some treats for the robin to eat, to make him feel happy again.

The robin cocks his head on one side and looks at them as if to say, “I am glad you are my friends.” Katy and Daniel are very fond of their robin.


Things to do on the beach


On a sandy beach, find some pebbles. Draw a small circle in the sand. Then draw a larger circle around it again and again. Write a number inside each circle – say 5 for the small circle 4 for the next and so on. Then draw a line in the sand a few yards from the circles. The idea of the game is to stand behind the line and toss a pebble into the circles to see which circle it stops at. This is your score. Playing the game with someone else is fun. Have three goes each and see who has the highest score.


Build a tower of stones and see how many stones you can put one on top of the other before it topples over.


This next game is called French Cricket. For this, you will need a bat and a soft ball, like a tennis ball. One player has the bat and has to stand still in one place. The idea of the game is to hit the player with the bat on the leg below the knee or catch the ball before it bounces if it is hit by the batsman. The batsman has to stop the ball hitting the leg. If the leg is hit or the ball caught, then the person throwing or catching the ball becomes the batsman.

HAVE FUN! ISSUE 433 | 18 JULY 2019 | 21


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