DS3 Crossback

Different by design is the DS approach to motor car styling and engineering, and it shows with the very recent introduction of the DS3 Crossback.

appointed sports seats upholstered in Nappa leather. And upping the ambience still further, the facia with its smart diamond-shape configuration is similarly furnished to afford an enviable quality that’s carried throughout the cabin.

The cool looking DS3 Crossback

The demand for ultra-compact SUVs has grown enormously and there’s no sign of it abating as more and more manufacturers are offering such models. This is why the like of the MINI Countryman, Ford Ecosport and Nissan Juke are enjoying volume sales. DS Automobiles, the newcomer to Groupe PSA which includes the Peugeot, Citroën and Vauxhall marques, has entered the small SUV market with a prestige model that combines stylish looks with a chic interior to offer a niche model that’s noticeably distinctive.

Doing things differently means that the DS3 Crossback is poles apart from the more routine holdall on wheels that characterises most SUVs. Taking styling cues from the petite trend-setting two-door DS3 hatch, the four-door Crossback stands out from the crowd with its high-riding stance and purposeful shape. Inside, the top range La Première limited edition test car is rather special too with its finely


A big bruiser SUV the DS3 Crossback is certainly not. Nor is it an off-roader with four-wheel drive. Instead it’s a front-wheel drive crossover with the emphasis on comfort and driving features. While a four- door, four-seater, the compact DS is by design not a people carrier, and though spacious up front, the rear seats while comfortable offer a limited amount of leg room. The boot at 350 litres capacity isn’t the most capacious, but luggage space extends to 1,050 litres when the split and fold rear seats are lowered.


It’s the business end of the of DS3 Crossback that’s particularly remarkable with the energetic and free- revving 1.2 litre three- cylinder petrol engine squeezing every ounce of performance to make this a notably sporty number. Combined with eight-speed automatic transmission, progress is rapid when required, though always smooth and finely controlled which promises excellent economy.

Testing the Crossback for a week and amassing some 500 miles over all types of topography reveals this to be a truly competent car. Its light steering and tight turning circle makes easy work of town driving while the gearbox affords spirited

driving over mountainous routes, open roads and motorways, the 47mpg average fuel consumption comparing favourably with the 52.3mpg claimed at best by the car maker.

Individual and well equipped with head-up display and an exemplary navigation and infotainment system, the DS3 Crossback with its raft of technologies to include different driving modes and assisted parking offers unrivalled wellbeing and luxury in this vehicle category. There’s also an excellent ride quality, even if a little on the firm side, over all surfaces. In top range specification such finery doesn’t come cheaply at a fraction under £34K, rising to £35,405 including metallic paint and an upmarket hi-fi. Being different is everything.

DS3 Crossback interior

Malcolm Bobbitt

Photographs by Malcolm Bobbitt.

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