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Coaches and Yelling by Gabriel A. Fraire of Healdsburg, CA ~


s most parents with more than one child know, each kid is unique.

And, if you only have two they can be almost exact opposites. At least that is the case with my two daughters. They are four

years apart. Each one played Boys and Girls Club basketball in el- ementary school. The oldest didn’t want us to even come watch her play. The youngest want- ed me to be a coach. We did go see the oldest

play. What good is being a parent if you can’t watch your kids running around having fun? And, I did volunteer to coach when the younger one

wanted to play. The fi rst year I was allowed to be an assistant. It was an interesting experience. The head coach was a really nice guy who enjoyed coaching and loved the kids. I liked him but he was a yeller. Nei- ther my wife nor I are yellers but I did grow up with a mother who yelled so I know something about yellers. Just be-

cause they yell doesn’t mean they are angry or don’t love you, they are just yellers. So, the coach being a yeller didn’t bother me. But it both- ered my daughter and it both- ered her game. My oldest is not too con- cerned about money but my

youngest has always been interested in it. So, in trying to fi nd a way for my daughter to be more comfortable with a coach that yelled I told her before one game, “I will give you a quarter for every time the coach yells your name.” My daughter had her best game to date, got over the yelling aspect of the coach and for the remainder of the year played great without any monetary incentives which is good because that one game cost me $16.

Gabriel A. Fraire has been a writer more than 45 years. He has written fi ction and non-fi ction books, plays, poems, music lyrics, and news articles. But, he writes about his children exclusively for the Upbeat Times.

Grants Awarded To Arts Projects in Response to the Fires

SONOMA COUNTY, CA. ~Creative Sonoma is pleased to announce that grant awards totalling $36,000 have been made to eight area nonprofi ts for programs and activities be- ing produced in response to the fi res. Programs in- clude exhibi- tions of rescued fi re artifacts, art- making projects to capture the individual and collective experiences of our community, newly com- missioned music, and story- telling and gathering projects. Funds for these grants have been made available by the County of Sonoma and donors to the Creative Sonoma Relief Fund. “The arts have a unique ability to give voice to the in- comprehensible experience we all shared last October,” said Chair of the Board of Supervi- sors James Gore. “These grants will support our local artists as they offer creative pathways to hope and healing.” These arts organizations

grants are just one element of Creative Sonoma’s three-part response in support of the com- munity after the fi res. Grants

totalling more than $150,000 have previously been awarded to 122 creative individuals and entities that suffered physi- cal and economic loss. Physical loss grants are still available for members of the creative community; guidelines and the applica- tion are posted

at: https://www. creativesonoma.

org/recovery-fund- application-physical/. The third program is a teaching art- ist residency program, placing specially trained teaching art- ists in County schools who are using the arts to help alleviate the trauma experienced by our students. Residencies are un- derway now and will continue through the fall. A complete list of Arts Re- sponse grantees is attached. For more information about these grants and other Creative So- nome fi re response activities, please contact Kristen Madsen at kristen.madsen@sonoma- Creative Sonoma, a division

of the Economic Development Board, supports and advances the creative commmunity of Sonoma County.

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