article-time spans one of the more powerful

ingresses of our yearly cycle- The summer solstice. Any of these major shifts invites us to Balance- Align and Use Time- essentially to-get down with the language astrology. So, we are Moving from Gem-

ini into Cancer. The brightest longest day of the year June 21 is also ironically the lifting off the rim to dive into our- deep decent to the shortest, dark- est day. Astrology is chock full of (nutty) irony-hold- ing two opposing topics together at one space/time. This is practice that I surely need on a regular basis and in general is a very good re- storative draft. It is that little check in dance that asks” Is this me or thee/What do I want/ Do I have what I need and where to next?” All the while trying to balance on this crazy spinning wheel. Right. Life!

Getting from here to there,

shall we agree, is the gist of the game. As mentioned last month Gemini tends to try to juggle a number of issues at the same time and why not? You are a twin! you have that extra set of arms we all long for. You are, much in a way, like the psychic

StaR ChartinG

by: Zak Zaikine of Sebastopol, CA. ~ • Editors: Karin O’Keefe-Sack and Melanee Reynolds this

filament lamp of the Zodiac, With Mercury as your ruling planet you pick up so much more of the ambient informa- tion than the rest of; The Cos- mic Messenger with winged feet to boot. Of course, this can all get a

little over-whelming. I myself have many aspects in this mer- curial sign. and often need to just put down my brushes for even as much as a day, breathe and do that little check-in thing. In my 50 plus years in astrol- ogy, advice given directly to Gemini or those in the throws of a Geminian experi- ence this time of year, has a low rate of followship. But, astrology of- ten holds the an- swer in the follow- ing sign, a gentle, Cancer- type sug- gestion like - how are you feeling?

What does your gut say? what if you followed this?” has re- ally worked for Gemini. For those of you consider-

ing a move of any sort or any kind of major shift, wait for the third week of June. Plan it out now, using this gymnastic air sign; enough boxes, rental vans and really good friends. Check, check, double check; insur- ance and reasonable rates, how many stairs, phase of the moon etc. So when that big crab, Can- cer, slips and surfs into the wa-

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ter on the 21st you will have a lovely, easy transition to your new home. Speaking of right moves,

did you know, that the cardi- nal crab has one of the rarer creature-features, in that, it can make an instantaneous right angle 90 degree turn, jump the tracks and feel good about it , no regrets. This sure can sur- prise thems that may only see the soft and endlessly nurtur- ing crab. For Cancer stewards the fourth House, home/ fam- ily/ancestors; protection as well as nurture. There is an akashic- like memory bank, like deep sea trea- sure, information can be preserved for almost their entire lifetime(s). It is very wise to never cross or punish a young Cancerian child. Always be truthful. They have metaphysi- cal abilities of paramount pro- portions. * note of interest to those of you having Cancerian aspects will also be blessed by your own ability to for-see that which is not on the surface and easily seen. Now though, we are in the

full throughs of Gemini in this first week of June. This muta- ble, playful energy permeates the vibe to the 21st of June The air is blowing sweet and warm on some days even more pun- gent with BBQ wafting in the breeze. Thoughts of a more re- laxing time. Visits to the surf,

Santa Rosa, CA. ~ To ex- plore Scandinavian culture, history, ancestry and culi- nary arts, Freya Lodge Sons of Norway in Santa Rosa is a great resource. Their website,, has in- formation about upcoming programs and events. To find out about membership, e-mail Come and have fun the Viking way! One person dues $60, family rate $95 per year. Members enjoy a discounted rate at events.

Do You Have Scandinavian Genes?

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. ~ Lao Tzu UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • June 2018 • 31

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • June 2018 • 31

lakes and rivers. Or just a cold drink, good book, and a stur- dy hammock that you erected yourself and can now add “a good handy person “ to your resume.

Cancer is a cardinal water

sign and thus we have one of our most vital ingredients of life – oxygen- changing form. As evolved land beings we still remember water as our first home. So, in that big oceanic- way Cancer regulates the ner- vous system through her ruler- ship over the stomach. Water, all liquids in general is her lan- guage. The 28-day cycle of the moon in tide with a woman’s menstrual period is a familiar connection. Less observed though, is the monthly male cycle which

I have personally witnessed over time. Not as obvious but still a time of recalibration with ebb and flow, wax and wane. To find balance, harmony and equanimity is what all we be- ings seem to strive for and the freedom to bring it about. So even if this is your little garden at your front door it is your fin- est of treasures to make beauti- ful and enjoy. Enjoy! That’s it for now, a very happy birthday to all of you bouncing twins and bright shining moon children!

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my appreciation. I am now even more inspired to continue pub- lishing this paper! Tose of you who called, in addition to all of those who pick this paper up monthly for over 20 years have made my day(s) well worth the effort & love I put into every is- sue. To me, you are the hero’s who

have stepped outside the media box and have said, ‘I’m tired of all the bad news, complain- ing and tragedy. I don’t even watch the news much anymore! I feel so much better about life when I read it!” I am also very grateful that business owners have allowed me to have my newspaper in their establish- ments all these years. And, for anyone who owns a business that has not been running ads in the paper, I will give you nice discount on any series of ads. Also, if you have a free event(no charge to get in) that is part of your life or someone throwing a free event,

from now on, I

will run one time at no charge to you(normally $50)( 50 words and a free 10 word or less head- line!) My way of saying thanks and how grateful I am!

May this issue find you well!

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