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Golf Coach 101 HAVING THE PROPER PRE-GAME STRATEGY Outside by James Fish of Sonoma County, CA•

ost great rounds of golf played can’t

be attrib- uted entirely to

pure luck, let’s be real. Pre- game preparation should never be underestimated. Behind every exceptional

round of golf played lies a bona-fide master-plan, a blue- print, a road-map to perfection. Whether it be religious prac- tice, proper conditioning, prop- er diet and sleep or profoundly creative ways of bringing the correct supplements into one’s body or all of the above; surely we can recognize how each piece of the puzzle can be seen like spokes on a wheel. Every- thing in golf is about the circle; the ball, the cup, the course and the swing. So to arrive where everything comes full circle is to be com- pletely here and now. As above, so below and when we look to earth for help, we often see the value of plants and the nourish- ing energies they bring us. So in order to reach zone conscious- ness and peak performance

we must be properly tuned. I have been taking Essential Oils combined with vitamins as an adjunct to my pre-game strategy.


have noticed increased brain-power, sharper focus and a better sense of con- nectedness to all


life around me. The bal- ance and rhythm of my golf swing continues

to improve along with all the other areas of my life.

Recently dur- ing a playing- lesson with one of my students, I tried something different. I took two drops of white fir, an Essential Oil, into my hands,


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rubbed them together then cov- ered my hands over my face for some aroma-therapy. Breathing in the intoxi- cating scent of fir woke me up to a greater


of relaxation and focus. Af- ter two solid shots left me just off the green on the par-5 first hole, I contin- ued to feel the presence


the white fir. Then while breathing


the image of a perfectly executed chip shot I felt the spirit of the eagle moving like a strong

wind over my shoulder. When the ball came off the club-face and released towards the hole and then dropped in for eagle

bestowing wonderful music and more for millions. –And Jon himself is an engaging presenter- --watch him online. Unforgettable. In 1986,

we even wrote a tune together called “Take Me Home.” And Johnathan helped me record a contest entry when my home town, Wichita, Kansas needed a new theme song. “Wichita, KS USA” didn’t win, but it was al- ways fun hanging out with Jon, who treated me like a real talent –boosting my self esteem. –It still

and Eric smiled and shouted, “Nice eagle Mr. Fish!” I knew that I was on my way. Not every round of golf be-

gins quite so auspiciously but like Ben Hogan once said, “I create my own luck. The more I practice, the luckier I get.” To perform at peak level requires proper preparation that leaves little to chance. To understand the subtle art of relaxation is both a meditation and a strate- gy. So why should anyone ever want to go into battle without proper armaments or prepara- tion? Essential Oils have be- come for me my new breast- plate on the green battlefield where plant-based medicines offer us a sacred bridge into higher zones where eagles do fly.

James Fish works as a golf teaching pro at the Foxtail Golf Club and can be reached via e-mail at: or 707-548-2664

Publishers note:This is a reprint: James is on Vacation!

UNFORGETTABLE ... continued from page 26

does, lol, all these years later. Like when he remembered to call me on my birthday last year, my 72nd one. A lovely surprise. Writing “On With The

Show: The Performance of A Life- time” is a big undertaking. But my reunion with the Seinfeld Mu- sic Guy, Jonathan Wolff, has been one of the treasures of mining the old gold. In a word, unforgettable. --Who are your unforgettables? Maybe a terrific dad to celebrate this month?

Shining deLight, Marcia

Te thing about being famous is, it’s weird. Te only people who get how weird it is are

other famous people. Margot Kidder

Letters to Upbeat Hi Paul,

I lived in Novato for the last 24 years and I recently purchased Buddies Pizza in Sebastopol & it’s been 12 weeks since I took over. With that said, I have your Upbeat Times in my shop and what a refreshing read this is: no politics, no negative ar- ticles and the jokes put a smile on my face every time I read them! Thank you . Keep up the great writing.

~ Rick Rodriguez Owner of Buddies Pizza

Hi Paul! I love good news and obviously you do too! Not sure how much room I have here, but I’ll start with, a local professional florist now has a place of their own. Point West Wholesale Flower Market, lo- cated in Rohnert Park. Chris- tina, her folks and I have been working on this for 8 years. In the past 2-1/2 years everything fell into place! I’d love to tell you more. Thank you for your time and for publishing Upbeat Times!

~ Tina Chiotti-Stewart of Sonoma County

2 Tread Brewing

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This was a good opportunity to compare and taste the effect the nitro has on the beers. Monday through Friday they offer Hap- py Hours from 3 to 7 pm, and on Monday’s they have an open mike. They have a full bar with specialty cocktails and an ex- tensive wine list. An extensive pub menu consisting of salads, pizza, and hamburgers is also offed. 2 Tread is a nice place to meet and unwind after a bike ride or a long day’s work.

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. ~ Mother Teresa

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