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Early Summer Guide Simple Ideas & Designs S

ummer solstice is June 21st but it seems like summer to me with all the blooming flowers! Pretty pinks and divine purple

spires of Salvia corodona rise, soothing blues, vibrant hues of red, shocking oranges, sunny and soft yellows and brilliant whites! Fra- grant unexpected scents are waft- ing in the air. BREATHE DEEP! Pollinators busily buzzing from nectar rich flower to flower, their tiny legs and bodies covered in pol- len, an essential magic ‘dance’ they do! So many different species of butterflies fashioned with their in- tricate patterned wings, which to- tally amaze, flutter by everywhere in the warming breezes. Seems like after all the hard work in spring we need to relax but we are just getting started. Gasp! Time to turn the compost, thicken up rice straw mulch where needed, check drip irrigation and/or install some

hard working systems. Feed every- thing with fish emulsion, seaweed potions, compost tea, start dead- heading and pinching back faded blooms so you will have more flowers in sum- mer and fall. Cut back on mow- ing the lawn and work on those projects you’ve been putting off like


that little tool shed, creeping thyme outlined brick pathways and constructing those compost bins and raised beds. It’s impor- tant to securely line the bottom of the raised bed frames with ¼” hardware cloth wire to prevent gophers, voles, moles and the like from entering. Then it can be filled with organic soil! The meek shall inherit the Earth, right?!

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Delicious berries of all kinds are ripening and the birds have their eyes on them too. Protect them by building 2x2 framed, ¼

purchase. Do it right the first time and don’t let deer, birds and other hungry predators break your heart! Plant red or white currant bushes and let them go WILD in a sunny corner for the hungry birds.

In the orchard

“June drop” is starting to hap- pen as the trees adjust to the amount of fruit they are able to produce. It’s OK. Just keep the fallen fruits picked up and composted.

You can also thin fruits by hand. Make sure plants are getting enough water this time

“ hardware cloth (wire) towers for tall and wide berry bushes or roll- down covers, depending on your situation. Allow for their potential growth and create doors so you can open up, harvest and maintain or have someone frame and build one for you. Get creative! Simple ideas and designs are all over the Inter- net, just look and be patient with yourself. Make it happen! These are more substantial than netting, cloth and standing cages you can

of year and since soil temperatures are warm enough now it is great for established transplants and seeds. Soapy sprays and Safer organic of- ferings will help repel the awaken- ing hungry bugs. Try MAXSEA, great water soluble seaweed prod- ucts from not too far away, Redway in Humboldt county. Visit nurseries around town and bring home more flower starts for the butterflies and bees.

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JOKES & Humor # 3

Once there were four business men. They were sitting on a bench in a hospital waiting room because their wives were having babies.

A nurse comes over and says to the first businessman, “Congratulations! Your wife had 1 baby.” The man says, “What a coincidence! I’m the president of And1!” The nurse goes away. Then the nurse comes back and says to the second businessman,

“Congratulations! Your wife had twins!”

The man says, “What a coincidence! I’m the owner of the Minnesota Twins!”

The nurse goes away. The nurse comes back and says to the third businessman, “Congratu- lations! Your wife had triplets!” The man says, “What a coincidence! I work for Triple Crown!”

The nurse goes away.

The nurse comes back and sees the fourth businessman alone on the bench crying. She asks, “Why are you crying”? The man replies, “I work for Seven Up”!!

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successful liar.

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