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A Very Thankful “Hometown Hero” by Paul Andrew Doyle of Santa Rosa, CA•

ecently I was voted “Sonoma County’s Hometown Hero’ by the

listeners of the KZST radio station and its affiliate stations. Aſter over 20 years of publishing the Up- beat Times I did not ever consider what I do be a heroic act at all. My thought was that I needed to pub- lish a paper to remind people, that despite many challenges and experiences that flow endlessly around us each and every day, that I wanted to re- mind them

positive side of

of the life,

you know, the part of life that gets over- looked when things get rough. I personal- ly find that it is over- whelming to read, lis- ten and visually watch sounds, words and images in all forms of life that are sometimes a bit negative. For that very reason, I did

not own a television until I was over 30. I did not ever subscribe to the regular daily newspapers. But, I also found it hard to es- cape. In my daily life I was re- minded of the challenges of the world, because in conversations

with friends or family I oſten heard what was going on lo- cally & internationally. I would

I spent an afternoon at Doran Beach in Bodega Bay in early May, 2018 building a giant pyramid out of sand! These kids came by and helped make a wall so that the waves would not desptroy the structure. They asked to be in Upbeat Times! Of course! Elizabeth Gonzalez and her friend are shown here. These girls were a great help! The pyramid ended up being over 8 foot tall!

listen and be there for all who needed to vent. Tis was how I kept up-to-date on the cur- rent actives of earth. I listened to radio at times because I en- joyed music or wanted to hear about news that impacted me directly. I chose what to see, read and hear. I went to the Santa Rosa Junior College and

~ First Facts & Trivia ~

Thomas Edison did not learn to talk until he was almost four years old.

Thomas Edison’s forehead was unusually broad, and his head was considerably larger than average.

In the beginning of his life, Edison worked as a telegraph operator. This job inspired many of his inventions in the

telecommunications field.

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Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans. ~ John Lennon

learned about television pro- duction, art, design and com- munications & worked for local newspapers as an advertising ex- ecutive, where I was even further convinced there was a need for more of the good news. In fact, I wondered why no one printed a pa- per with all good news. I wanted to do it back in 1986! While out selling ads I met hero’s every- where! People helping people silently and for all the right reasons. Te news outlets did publish some good news, but I felt we needed more of it. Tere would be an arti- cle about some-

one that made a difference & helped many people in the community. Silently they kept doing it all their lives, asking for no attention...and I greatly admired them and wanted to be more like them. Sincerely! I felt that this ‘was’ the

real news. Te other bad stuff that seemed to be al-

ways happening was real news, but the bad stuff was regurgitated in every form of media available to us. I believe it was and is over done to this day.

I am the inventor of the Up-

beat Times, but I did not invent the ‘good news’. It has always been there and I felt someone had to do something about it. I never thought that printing the feel good, or positive news would be what people want...I just

thought it would be un-

fair to not tell people about the really nice things happen- ing all around us. Make that the feature story! Te effect it has had on Sonoma Coun- ty personally was

a beauti-

ful surprise. I know my paper has affected people positively from conversations I’ve had, but I didn’t have any idea how

... continued on page 29 First Humor

Tom, Dick and Harry went to a party. After the party they returned to the hotel. The hotel was 600 stories high.

Unfortunately for them, the elevator was not working. They made a plan for the first 200 stories; Tom will crack jokes.

The second 200 stories Dick will tell a happy story and lastly Harry will tell a sad story. They then started up the steps.

After 2 hours it was Harry’s turn. He turned to the other two and said “Ok guys, here’s my sad story. I forgot the keys downstairs.

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UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • June 2018 • 3

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