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American AgCredit Announces SonomaHero Weird Facts & Trivia - 8 Section FFA Project Competition Winners

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SANTA ROSA, CA. ~ For more than 20 years, American AgCredit has proudly spon- sored the Sonoma Section FFA Project Competition, provid- ing

students opportunity to gain recognition

local high school and

scholarship. The 2018 Annual Awards Cer- emony was held May 14, 2018 at John Ash & Co. Event Center. Big winners included Dil- lon Dunkel of Healds- burg FFA, the overall winner in the junior di- vision with his market steer and market hog projects. Ariel Scholten of Sebastopol FFA was named the overall win- ner in the senior division with her work experience, sheep, and fruit tree projects. The American AgCredit scholar- ship went to Kelsey Martin of Petaluma FFA who will be at- tending UC Davis in the fall to pursue a career in veterinary research. [Pictured: Dillon Dunkel (left), Kelsey Martin (center), Ariel Scholten (right)] Competition judges, expe- representatives

rienced from

American AgCredit, evaluated participants on their knowl- edge of their project, how well their project relates to his or her career plans and their degree of involvement in the project. Students were also judged on the neatness and accuracy of their record keeping and their appearance

and presentation

during the interview process. Participants and their awards are as follows: Sebastopol FFA winners:

Kiley Andersen, gold; Jake

gold; Kelsey Martin, gold; Derrick Pomi, gold; Mellissa Rocha, silver; Rachel Spaletta, gold; Dena Tunzi, gold. Sonoma FFA winners: Kasia Jacobson, gold; Gabriella Lucatero, silver; Frances- co Pharo, gold; Deangelo Robledo, silver; Jennifer Torres, gold. St Helena FFA winners: Jayson Adkins, gold; Lisa Butala, silver; Kai- tlyn Glakeler, gold; Ad- anari Rios, gold; Marilyn Wilms, silver; Mitchell Wilms, gold. Tomales FFA winners:

Pictured: Dillon Dunkel (left), Kelsey Martin (center), Ariel Scholten (right)

Lepori, gold; Austin Maners, gold; Marissa Pendleton, gold; Ariel Scholten, gold, Shantel Shaw, silver; Olivia Williams, gold.

Elsie Allen FFA winners:

Athena Benitez, silver; Ale- jandra Enriquez, gold; Blaine Mills, gold; Maritza Ortiz, silver; Angel Ruano, silver; Enrique Saldana, gold; Lillian Weynand, silver. Healdsburg FFA winners:

Jacqueline Doherty, silver; Dillon Dunkel, gold; Madison Foppiano, silver; Emilly Ham- bly, gold; Viviana Madgaleno, gold; Ian Plum, silver; Lola Plum, gold; Ashley Remillard, silver.

Petaluma FFA winners: Au-

drey Arntz, silver; Clayton Arntz, gold; Amanda King,

Preston Costanzo, gold; Travis Franceschi, silver; Danny McDonald, silver.

CONTACT: Kristie Fry, Sr. Marketing & Communications Manager (707) 521-4109

much. Ten, out of the blue I get a call from radio host Brent Farris of KZST mid April 2018 telling me the listeners of all the stations they are associ- ated with, voted me


County’s Hometown Hero!” I was a bit stunned for a min- ute and then I wanted to make sure. I then asked Brent, “Who’s this?” He said, “Brent Farris of KZST!” I let him know I was kidding because I have known him for over 30 years, and I know he has a great sense of humor. But yes, he reassured me and said it was true, and that it would be airing soon on all of the stations he is a part of, sometime in May. I still have not heard it, but friends & lis- teners have. I’ve received sev- eral calls, and a few e-mails and when I’ve been out in the field I’ve received congratulations... wow! ...and thank you! Tere are no words to describe

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Originally Memorial Day was known as Decoration Day, meant to honor the Union and the Confederate soldiers who died during the Ameri- can Civil War. By the 1900s it had become a day to cel- ebrate all American soldiers who died while serving in the military. It wasn’t until 1967 that it was legally named Memorial Day.

It’s estimated that approxi- mately 32 million people travel by car over Memorial Day weekend.

In 1966, President Johnson named Waterloo, New York as the original place of Memorial Day.

The most important thing in the world is family and love. ~ John Wooden

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • June 2018 • 29

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