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ian grandfather’s house to visit so we didn’t plan for a guide. But aſter spending the entire day on an excursion to Taormina, with only two hours leſt until the ship dis- embarked, Doug tried Google maps once more and we realized that the house was just a twenty-minute walk away from our port! We ran off the ship and tried to find my grandfather’s house. We were pretty close but a bit lost when I was reading aloud the name of the street, “via Santa Maria la Nuova”. Suddenly


sweet ninety plus year old woman, with the exceptional hearing of a bat, popped out of her third story window telling us where to go. Sure enough, we found the apartment and his local church. When we

My grandparents, Domenica Favale and Pietro Mummolo from Casamassima

minutes to spare. Naples, the last stop, was the

only town where we didn’t get to go to the actual neighbor-

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came back, the lady popped out again asking, “la trovato?” (did you find it?). Triumphantly, we ran back to the ship with a few

hood where my grandmother, who pretty much raised me, was born. But just stepping on the soil of mia nonna napole- tana sent chills up my spine. While in Naples, however, we did get to see Sorrento and Pom- peii, which was beyond amazing. I can’t begin to de-

scribe how meaningful this trip was to me. I discovered my roots. I now know the names of all of my grandparents and their grandparents back 4 or 5 genera- tions. I have their birth certificates and mar- riage documents. I took pictures of where they lived, worshipped, and where the family that remained behind were

buried. I have memories that will last a lifetime. I have all this history to pass on to the next generation.

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Magical Tales; Shakespeare;

lot easier to tilt and swirl to al- low such a small amount of batter to reach a golden brown on each side. A whole stack can be kept on a warm tray, ready to be filled at the table if you wish, to delight your guests with a variety of fill- ings, or even a flaming finale! Few delights match seeing

the pleasure of children who are helped to roll up a crepe with maybe Nutella spread on one and strawberry jam on another, both crepes sprinkled with superfine sugar-cinnamon mix. Tat way they can march around happily chomping on the leſt and right. Now that’s upbeat and happy!



1 cup siſted flour; 1 egg; 1 ½ cups milk; sweet (unsalted) butter; pinch of salt. Combine all. In your favorite

mixer, or even by hand, beat until the batter is very smooth. Allow about a half-hour to let the batter reach a creamy state.

If it seems

too thick, add a bit more milk. In a heated small pan, aſter greas- ing lightly, use about a tablespoon of the batter to pour it in, imme- diately swirl and tilt until it is evenly distributed. Using your spatula, (to peek), allow to reach golden brown on one side before flipping to the other.

Easy to

stack on a warm platter. Cover to keep warm before filling. Dozens of fillings exist for Palacsinta/crepes, sweet or sa-

vory. Familiar are the traditional apricot jam filled crepes folded into colorful “Suzette” triangles, with a melted butter, cognac, Cointreau, and more jam, heated sauce poured over the crepes in a chafing dish pan and “flambed.” Light a lump of sugar in a big spoon to ignite all for a splashy finish to a grand meal. Others adore such savory Hun-

garian style use of these small pancakes by filling them with a creamed chicken filling, or a cot- tage cheese filling (also a choice of sweet or savory depending on your choice of ingredients). Roll gently the stuffed crepes, line them up in a lightly oiled bak- ing dish (we always use a thick glass one for this), use addition- al creamy sauce to cover all the lined up crepes. Bake about 375 degrees for around a half hour. Serve piping hot. Great with a fine Gewuerztraminer or crisp, cooled Chardonnay pairing. Side dishes are traditionally homemade applesauce, fresh berry jams, and always an abun- dant dish of cinnamon sugar, for sweet—or sour cream, for savory. In our family’s style of making Palacsinta, we never added what I am told is current: adding about a ½ cup of seltzer (plain soda wa- ter) to perhaps inflate the batter?

If anything, a dash of cognac, or golden Tokay wine does do wonders for every cake recipe!

“Jo etvagat!” (Yup, “Bon appetit” in Hungarian). Enjoy! ~ Ellie

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