Early Summer Guide

Musical Notes in Sonoma County Rise to Great Music!

by Shekeyna Black •

SONOMA COUNTY, CA. ~ Brothers and Sisters, [T e People Will] Rise Up. T e two thought-provoking songs by the fun dance band, Soul Fuse, are being developed into music videos. Roger Volz, lead sing- er and saxo- phone player for the band ex- plains, “We’re going to do it as a package. T e main rea- son we started thinking of a video project, is because of the song called, [T e People Will] Rise Up. It’s become a little bit of thing when we play. It’s a polit- ical statement. It’s a historical observation.”

Plus, the fans love to sing along to the chorus while they are dancing at the band’s con- certs. Volz continues, “Broth- ers and Sisters is more of a call to action. T e tagline in that one is real simple, treat your brothers and sisters right.” Volz sums it up, “T ose are the two points of view we are go- ing to try to get across with these videos.” Born and raised in East Oak-

land, Volz is a longtime So- noma County resident. Volz has played with some great bands; including Dynatones, Michael Barclay Blues Band and T e Poyntlyss Sistars, to

“”It’s our band and all of the material, while I’m the author and the composer, the songs have all morphed and have gotten better through the band playing. T e horn arrange- ments with Al Garth and Carl Bowers our sax player and trom- bone player, the rhythm section with Evan Palmer- ston and Terry Baker, our guitar player Steve Barb- ieri, keyboard player Nathan Prowse, our percussion-

ist and sing- er Shannon Jones, we’ve all had input into the tunes. T ey would not be the pieces of mu-

name a few. Soul Fuse had their fi rst gig together as a band in June 2016 at Funky Fridays in Kenwood followed days later by a concert in the Healdsburg Plaza. T ose are two heavy- hitter established summer concert se- ries for Soul Fuse to make their debut! “I’ve written the orig- inal material but, I’ll say this, I never refer

to the band as my band. It’s not my band,” Volz emphasizes.

Serendipitous What you are will show in what you do. ~ Thomas A. Edison UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • June 2018 • 17

sic they are, without the input of all of us,” Volz says with ap- preciation for his bandmates. Catch the band at their nu-

merous summer concerts starting in June on the 21st at the Summer Nights on the Green in Windsor, on the 22nd at Redwood Cafe in Cotati and on the 30th at Santa Rosa’s Courthouse Square. Check out their full line-up at SoulFuse. com. People rise up and dance!

UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • June 2018 • 17

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