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UPBEAT TIMES, INC. • June 2018 • 19

FEATURING: 2 Tread Brewing Written by by Barry O’meara & photos by Paul Doyle

On our visit, they had two Bar- rel Brothers beers, and a wide selection of local wines. Owners Bill, Christian, and


Tread Brewing Compa- ny has been over two- tread years in the mak- ing. Pushing the limits

to find the right spot to open their beer garden and brew pub. Settling on Santa Rosa, they found the perfect spot, in center of Santa Rosa’s Down- town Mall. Located at the

edge of

the mall on the B Street side. With a large open Beer Garden, wrap-around bar, they of- fer a full bar, wide selec- tion of local wines and of course, their in-house craft ales.

As an en- thusiastic

bike rider and connoisseur

of fine beers and wine, Bill knows the rewards of a push- ing the limits and capping it with great pint of beer. He found the perfect spot to build his beer garden and brewpub in a community that welcomes and appreciates the bike rider. This month the Beer Boys visited one of the newest brewpubs to join the ever-growing micro-brew- ery world of Sonoma County. 2-Tread Brewing is making its mark in the in the local econ- omy. Featuring local products and always offering a local handle from other breweries.

2 Tread Brewing owners, from left: Christian August, Bill(William) Drury & Tracy Heydorn. These guys are truly Upbeat and their business is a great place to hangout, eat a snack & have a few custom brews!

cals. Everyone brought their skills and made a move from corporate, to create a friendly environment that is fun to work

Tracy pulled their unique skills together and took a leap of faith and signed on to open this venture. Christian was former Brew master for Fire- stone Walker. Tracy had years of experience as GM for Red Lobster in corporate hospital- ity. Bill came from the corpo- rate world of the pharmaceuti-

This process uses Nitro instead of CO2 to push the beer out of the taps. It gives a creamier charac- teristic to the head

on the beer and soft- ness

to the mouth-

feel. The beer has less bite then from the CO2. The beer


on nitro was their 2 Tread IPA but we were told that they will be rotating which beer they hook up to the nitro. The first beer we tried was their CA Gold. This is a Golden Ale clean and crisp. Low

in bitterness made with 2 Row Malts and a final ABV of 4.75%. This is an easy drink- ing beer - not too heavy and perfect for you beer-lovers that are not as crazy about the


Goes well with any food. The

second beer we tried

in, and they treat their staff like family. On the day, we visited they had

five of their beers on tap, but we limited our tastes to three. CA Gold, Juicy IPA, and 2 Tread IPA. They also offer one of their beers served nitrogenized.

was the Juicy IPA El Citdo- rado. This is an unfiltered IPA like the beers being referred to as East Coast IPAs. This beer is medium in the bittering, with a haziness that makes the beer appear bolder. This is a Keller- style beer. A very good tasting

“I like the night. Without the dark, we’d never see the stars.” ~ Stephenie Meyer

beer, with Hops giving way to citric flavors of Pineapple, mango, and apricot. It has low bitter- ing so not over- board with the

IBUs and an ABV of

5.3%. The

last beer we sampled was their in-house IPA. This one is a nice pale color with seven different hop blends. The ABV is 6.5%, but Christian said he was work- ing on future ones to be over 7%. This is the one beer that they also offered on the Nitro.

... continued on page 28 The Punitentiary #1 Beer Puns...Almost:

Stout: As in “He’s a stout young man.”

Bro → Brew: As in “What’s up, brew?” and “Cool story, brew.”

Hop*: If a word begins with the “hop” sound (or anything vaguely similar) then there may be an opportunity for a terrible beer pun: “Health, wealth and hoppiness.” and “Life, liberty and the pursuit of hoppiness.” and “As it hoppens” and “Stuff hop- pens.” and “See what hop- pens?” and “Hopatitis is an inflammation of the liver.”

Growler: A “growler” is a type of jug used to transport draft beer. The term has a bunch of other meanings which could be played upon in the right context.



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