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“Unforgettable, that’s what you are…” crooned the late papa Nat King and daugh-

ter Natalie Cole. Here I was, writ- ing my third memoir about my show biz career, neck deep into my chapter called “Unforgettables.” --What ever had become

of my old friend

Jonathan Wolff,

I won- dered?!

A google search

found him instantly under the heading, “The Seinfeld Music Guy.” Jon had composed the iconic theme music for the show that ran from 1989-98, starring of course, Jerry Seinfeld. That ac-

Jon’s web- site cre- dentials are lengthy:

music for 44 TV themes (including

Will and

Grace, Mar- ried With Children, Reba) and 75 primetime network series (in- cluding) and spent 29 years as “a Hollywood insider.” What was fun for me was the video clip of

sic. Jon was always a great “clos- er” as he referred to his skill. Last year’s tours included Harvard, Yale, USC, NYU, Julliard, and the Berkelee School of Music.

We have Positive Solutions to

Unforeseen Interruptions! From time to time mini fender benders and accidents occur when you least expect them. And they do happen. We are a positive solution to these annoying interruptions. We hope you don’t have to call us. But if you do... We’ll be ready!

by Marcia Singer of Santa Rosa, CA. ~

complishment alone made him rich and sought after, but lucky for me, I knew him before all that. Not only is Jon a talent- ed person, but a modest one, with a big heart –a mensch.

Jonathan playing piano, touring colleges, lecturing, sharing his savvy on the business side of mu-

I shot out a “hi, how

the heck are you?!” message via his website. I hadn’t had contact since he took his family, left L.A., and returned to his Kentucky roots years ago. I had no expectations that he would reply at all. But within a couple of days, there was a hello back, and a way to phone him. So dear -! It felt

like not even a day had passed, as we chatted, caught up a bit on each oth- ers’ lives. So glad

to hear his wife is well, busy, and his kids –all four –in college now. I’d once been entrusted with babysitting his eldest, fi rst son and daughter when they were lit- tle tykes. I remember feeling so honored to be in this role: I have no kids of my own. I loved play- ing, reading books together, feel- ing like an almost family member. As Jon and I chatted

away, catching up, I asked him a question about our early rela- tionship, before he met his wife. I remembered going to a concert at the Hollywood Bowl, sitting in a shuttle bus, aware than Johnny had a crush on me –maybe a doz- en years his elder. He was blush- ing, and I was feeling awkward. I decided to ask Jon if

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he remembered that? He did -! And commented, “You may not recall, but I wasn’t a very good catch back then. I was sleeping in a closet of sorts.” OMG, that’s right! Jon had taken out a huge loan to open his own “Creative Music” studio, and for a while, was sleeping in the construction area --or worse. I did recall how he’d been commuting to Vegas, playing keyboard and arranging for singer-performer John David- son. Taking the risk to get off the road, work in L.A. with his own business paid off handsomely,

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The Bounty of Sonoma County

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ries, 35 Fruiting Cacti, 10 Cherries, 2 Figs, 4 Grapes, 5 Nectarines, 8 Peaches, 4 Pears, 11 Plumcots, 11 Quinces, 1 Al- mond, 6 Chestnuts, 3 Walnuts GRAINS, GRASSES AND OTHER FORAGE: 9 Differ- ent kinds VEGETABLES: 26 Different kinds ORNAMEN- TALS: 91 Different kinds. Luther Burbank’s legacy also continues, with the celebration of his birthday being annually recognized as Arbor Day. Trees are still being planted in his memory. It was also Burbank’s legacy that inspired Santa Rosa’s annual Rose Parade, which celebrates his memory and showcases the people and talents of the Santa Rosa area. Luther Burbank Home and Gardens was also named as a Registered National, State, City, and Horticultural Historic Landmark.

About the Author:

Upbeat Times gives a great big thanks and introduces Jo Diaz who contacted us and wanted to contribute to our all- positive publication. Over the last two decades, Jo Diaz has been published as wine writer and photographer, is a wine public relations and marketing specialist, wine educator, wine writer, photographer, wine blogger, and the founding ex- ecutive director of PS I Love You (a wine advocacy group for Petite Sirah). She enjoys getting to the heart and soul of a subject, and then telling that story. In her off hours, Jo en- joys her family and gardening. She can be contacted through her website contacts below:,,

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