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Director’s Page

By: Robert Mitchell Executive Director/CEO

The Future of Olympic Shooting As we approach the end

of another Olympic quadren- nial, Olympic sports always experience change. The 2017-2020 quad changes are forecasted to be some RI WKH PRVW VLJQLÀ FDQW WKH Movement has experienced. IOC President Thomas Bach announced late last year an aggressive plan termed “Agenda 2020.” While this plan is very broad, the most VLJQLÀ FDQW LQLWLDWLYH LV JHQ der equity, calling for equal participation between men and women at the 2020 To- kyo Olympic Games.


VSHFLÀ FDOO\ WKH UHTXLUHPHQW is for an equal number of participation quotas in each sport for men and women, as well as an equal num- ber of events. Shooting has increased from six events in 1980 to the 15 events we enjoy today - quite an achievement for the shoot- ing sports! Those 15 events are equal among the three disciplines with three men’s events and two women’s HYHQWV SHU ULÁ H SLVWRO DQG shotgun. Of the 390 Olym- pic participation quotas for Shooting, 217 are cur- rently allocated to the men’s events, 147 to women’s events and 47 tripartite com- mission quotas are awarded by the IOC and ISSF.


IOC also has directed that gender equity changes must support evolution of the sport; promote worldwide development and attractive- ness of the sport; increase


women’s participation and emphasize 10m shooting. Also, the IOC Sports Depart- ment has stated there may be reductions in the number of events and quotas to ac- commodate more sports and broader participation within the 10,500 athlete cap. Agenda 2020 will indeed

UHVXOW LQ VLJQLÀ FDQW FKDQJHV to the shooting sports. Most obvious is a reduction in men’s events and realign- ment of Olympic quota dis- tribution. ISSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña ap- pointed an ad hoc commis- sion to evaluate options and make recommendations relevant to Agenda 2020 and IOC directives. While no decisions have been made at the time of this article, consensus is for the follow- ing events to be dropped from the Olympic program: Men’s 50m Prone (too de- pendent on technology and lack of action), Men’s 50m Pistol (duplicates 10m skills) and Men’s Double Trap (low and declining participation). These events would be re- tained as ISSF competitions. Every effort will be made to retain shooting’s 15 Olym- pic events by adding three mixed-team events which is endorsed by the IOC. There have been many propos- DOV DQG FRQÀ JXUDWLRQV IRU mixed-team events some RI ZKLFK FRPELQH ULÁ H DQG pistol shooting with the only VLJQLÀ FDQW DJUHHPHQW EH

USA Shooting News | May 2016

ing mixed-teams to be com- posed of one man and one women. Such events have been part of the IOC Youth Olympic competitions and have been very successful. There has been much to the proposed


changes to the shooting program. Quite naturally, no athlete wants to lose one of their events. Discussion groups have been formed, petitions submitted and al- ternatives proposed along with much social media traf- À F $ PRVW FRPPRQ TXHV tion being “Is the IOC seri- ous about such changes?” Both Bach and the IOC Sport Department continually re- inforce that Agenda 2020 is in fact 2020! The ISSF is taking this directive very seriously. We are all famil- iar with what happened to wrestling when they ignored IOC encouragement to be responsive to change. Addi- tionally, approximately 20% of IOC members are openly critical and non-supportive of shooting. It is best to keep the IOC leadership in sup- port of shooting. Additionally, it is likely ISSF will adopt changes to the World Champion- ship program for the up- coming quad.

Starting in

2017, there will be a sepa- rate Junior World Shooting Championship held in Suhl, Germany and conducted henceforth in the odd-num- bered years. Open World Championships will be add-

HG IRU 5LÁ H 3LVWRO &XUUHQWO\ only one World Champion- VKLS LV FRQGXFWHG IRU 5LÁ H Pistol over the quad, while three World Championships are held for Shotgun. World Cups will be reduced from four to three in non-Olympic qualifying years.

Decisions on the forego-

ing will be action items for the ISSF General Assembly held in Moscow, Russia July 1-2. It is the desire of all to have events, rules and com- SHWLWLRQ SODQV À QDOL]HG E\ January 1, 2017, thus allow- ing federations and athletes to plan accordingly. USA Shooting has and will

KDYH VLJQLÀ FDQW LQYROYHPHQW in the evolution process with Gary Anderson and Robert Mitchell as members of the Executive Committee. In addition to Gary and I, Su- san Abbott and Dr. James Lally sit on the rule-making Administrative Council. We recognize that while change LV GLIÀ FXOW LW LV PRVW LPSRU tant

cess to keep the Olympic shooting sports strong!

throughout this pro-

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