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U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Airgun

U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Airgun To Be Contested Over Two More Matches


athletes will punch their tick- ets to Rio following the con- clusion of the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Airgun June 3 – 5 in Camp Perry, Ohio. The top ten athletes in each discipline from the À UVW SDUW RI WKH 8 6 2O\PSLF Team Trials for Airgun in De- cember – also known as the 2015 Winter Airgun Cham- pionships – have already earned a spot to compete in Camp Perry, as long as they also have the Minimum Qualifying Score (MQS) from an ISSF-sanctioned event. 7KRVH ZKR GLG QRW À QG WKHP selves in the top 10 or were unable to compete at the À UVW SDUW RI WKH 8 6 2O\PSLF Team Trials will get a second chance at a “last chance” match May 13 – 15 in Col- orado Springs, Colorado. There they will have to earn a score equal to or greater than the tenth-place cumu- lative score from the match in December to advance to the match in Camp Perry. The scores from the “last

chance” match or Winter Air- gun Championships will not FDUU\ RYHU WR WKH À QDO SDUW RI the U.S. Olympic Team Trials in June. The top athlete in :RPHQ·V $LU 5LÁ H :RPHQ·V Air Pistol and Men’s Air Pis- tol following the U.S. Olym- pic Team Trials for Airgun in June will earn a nomination to the Olympic Team. The top two athletes in Men’s Air

5LÁ H ZLOO DOVR HDUQ 2O\PSLF Team nominations. The most dominant per-

formance at the Winter Air- gun Championships came in Men’s Air Pistol from Will Brown (Twin Falls,


SLFWXUHG ZKR À QLVKHG WKH match with a 17-point lead on his nearest competitor, as well as posting a world- class qualifying score of 587 RQ WKH À QDO GD\ RI WKH PDWFK It was a much tighter com-

petition on the Women’s Air Pistol side as Courtney An- thony (Lexington, Nebraska) À QLVKHG WKH WKUHH GD\ PDWFK with a mere one-point lead on Alexis Lagan (Salt Lake City). Sarah Beard (Danville, Indiana) led the Women’s $LU 5LÁ H FRPSHWLWLRQ E\ MXVW 1.9-points over 2012 Olym- pian Sarah Scherer (Wo- burn, Massachusetts).

26 USA Shooting News | May 2016

over and were a ,

ber, it’s still an game come June in


But as no scores carr er and no team slots ere awarded in Decem- it’s

But as no scores carry eam slo


game come June in Camp Perry.

Some notable absenc- notable absenc- es from the match in De- cember that should provide strong performances at the match in May and potentially WKH À QDO SDUW RI 7ULDOV LQ -XQH are 2012 Olympian

es from the match in San-

dra Uptagrafft (Phenix City, Alabama) and Connor Davis (Shelbyville, Kentucky). Uptagrafft

À UVW SDUW RI 7ULDOV IRU $LUJXQ while she recovered from an injury to her shooting hand. She’s proven she’s once again ready to compete, VXUJLQJ RQ WKH À QDO GD\ RI the U.S. Olympic Team Tri- als to narrowly miss out on an Olympic Team slot


Will Brown fi nished the fi rst part of the U.S. Olympic Team Trials for Airgun with a 17-point lead. Though scores don’t carry over, Brown has proven to be a contender for the Men’s Air Pistol position.

Women’s point.

omen’s Sport Pistol by one t Pistol by one Davis, who did not com- missed the

SHWH LQ WKH À UVW SDUW RI 7ULDOV for Airgun, won the second 0HQ·V $LU 5LÁ H TXRWD ZKHQ he won gold at last sum- mer’s Pan American Games. Three-time Olympian Ja-

son Turner (Rochester, New York) missed out on the top ten in the December match by one point will also com- pete at the “last chance” match to hopefully move on to the last part of Trials. Look for his 2008 Olympic team- mate Brian Beaman (Selby, South Dakota) and 2012

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