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Women’s Three-Position Rifl e athletes compete in the Finals.

ors in the J2 cat s in the J2 category f y fol-

lowed by Schadler and Peter Fiori (Lebanon, New Jersey). Picking up his second crown in the J3 division was Rock- ett with Kyle Kutz (Darien, Connecticut) and Matt San- chez (Kissimmee, Florida) earning silver and bronze. Though Brewer would À QLVK VHFRQG RYHUDOO LQ WKH 0HQ·V 3URQH 5LÁ H HYHQW KH would win the event Final with an impressive 209.0 – that’s just 2.2 points shy of the Open Finals World Record. Shaner may have À QLVKHG VHFRQG LQ WKH HYHQW Final, but he entered it with a 3.6 lead on Brewer to edge him out for the overall title in Prone and his second over- all gold medal of the match. Quintin Wotring (Kingsport, Tennessee) won the bronze medal. Austin Fletcher (Or- mond Beach, Florida) won the J2 category and Sanchez won win the J3 category. , Bre

Shaner, Brewer and Cap were the only three athletes earning entrance three event Finals.

and Cap ere the earning entrance

three athle o

into all all

Women’s Sport Pistol medalists (left to right): Katelyn Abeln, Carson Saabye and Kellie Foster.

May 2016 | USA Shooting News 29

Women’s Rifl e Plenty of intrigue, intensi-

W\ DQG WLJKW VFRUHV À OOHG WKH halls of the USA Shooting ranges during the four days RI :RPHQ·V 5LÁ H After the dust settled, it

was two of the NCAA’s bright- est stars from this past sea- son that were left claiming National Titles.


of Kentucky freshman Han- na Carr captured the 2016 NJOSC crown in Three-Po- VLWLRQ 5LÁ H DQG 7H[DV &KULV tian University (TCU) sopho- more Mindy Miles earned WKH FURZQ LQ $LU 5LÁ H Not to be forgotten, West Virginia University sopho- more Elizabeth Gratz (Si- JHO ,OOLQRLV À QLVKHG RII KHU Junior career as the only ZRPDQ LQ WKH RSHQ À HOG WR PHGDO LQ ERWK ULÁ H HYHQWV closing with a silver medal in $LU 5LÁ H DIWHU HDUQLQJ EURQ]H in Three-Position. Her efforts LQ WKH $LU 5LÁ H PDWFK PRYHG

her back on to the National Junior Team as well. How- ever, her success was sec- ondary to the opportunity to compete alongside her sis- ters, 16-year-old Olivia and 13-year-old Martina, who earned a bronze medal in the J3 (14 years and young- HU FODVVLÀ FDWLRQ LQ 7KUHH Position. In a match that came

down to the very last shot, Carr (Versailles, Kentucky) earned top honors in Three- Position edging TCU’s Rachel Garner (Celina, Texas) in the Final by one point to claim the overall title. With both women tied heading into the Finals, you knew some-

thing special could happen to decide the title, and it did. Carr would erase a 4.8 point GHÀ FLW IURP *DUQHU WR ZLQ mostly off the strength of WKH VHFRQG À YH VKRW VHULHV of standing shots. On that series, Carr would average a stellar 10.34 to overcome the then 4.7 disadvantage she had, while Garner shot 5.5 points worse during that same series. With the win, Carr recon-

À UPV KHU SRVLWLRQ RQ WKH USA Shooting National Ju- nior Team while Garner is a new addition. To earn top billing in Air


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