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USA Shooting National Sporting Clay Cup Inks Platinum Sponsor

USA Shooting’s National

Sporting Clay Cup fundraiser set for July 7-9 in Houston, Texas got a big boost with WKH )D\H] 6DURÀ P &R agreeing to showcase their Team support for the second straight time as the event’s Platinum Sponsor. 7KH )D\H] 6DURÀ P &R

were big contributors to the 2014 inaugural event that helped bring in over $250,000 worth of support while helping assist the USA Shooting Team with their Rio In Sight preparation. “As the only non-govern- ment supported Olympic shooting team in the world, USA Shooting relies heavily on donors and sponsors to help maintain a history of success that includes 107 Olympic medals,” said event chairman and USA Shooting Board member Butch Eller. “We couldn’t be more thank- ful to the generosity of Saro- À P IDPLO\ DQG ZH KRSH WKLV helps jumpstart the tremen- dous opportunity people have to help unite around a EHQHÀ W WKDW ZLOO HQVXUH WKH USA Shooting Team’s legacy now and into the future.” This year’s event will be the can’t-miss sporting clays fundraiser of the summer ZLWK DWKOHWHV PDNLQJ À QDO preparations to compete at the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.


of competition and interac- tion with 2016 U.S. Olympic


Team members will accom- pany the event that includes a private benefactor dinner and practice session, along with Saturday’s main event. The fundraiser uses the

very popular shotgun disci- pline of sporting clays as the draw to lure shooting sport enthusiasts to support the USA Shooting Team as they head toward the upcoming Games, as well as give the organization the head-start it needs in preparing for the next four years. Located in Houston,

)D\H] 6DURÀ P &R PDQ ages investment portfolios for a wide range of clients in- cluding pension plans, foun- dations, endowments and LQGLYLGXDOV 7KHLU À UP LV DQ independent entity owned by a team of investment pro- fessionals. Individuals and/or or- ganizations looking to help

USA Shooting News | May 2016

support USA Shoo are unable o par

t USA Shooting but unable to participate in the event can buy a spot in the e ent and/or sponsor a team and

e in

the e ent can buy a spot in the event

a t am and provide Hous- ton-area youth and militar s the chance to

on-area youth and military members the chance t participate.

Energizing the event will

be the hometown return of 2008 Olympic gold med- DOLVW *OHQQ (OOHU WKH À UVW American male in the Shot- JXQ GLVFLSOLQH WR PDNH À YH Olympic Teams in his career. He earned his ticket to Rio by virtue of a late-season run last summer, including D VL[WK SODFH À QLVK DW WKH World Championships, to earn an outright nomination to the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team. Conveniently located on

563 acres in George Bush Park, American Shooting Centers has been a recre- ational shooter’s paradise

or sponsor vide Hous-

Phillip Sarofi m (left) is joined by Glenn Eller (second from left), Ryan Hadden and Josh Richmond (right) during the inaugural 2014 Sporting Clay Cup fundraiser that helped raise $250,000 in support of the USA Shooting Team.

in the Houston area since 1989. The facility D 5LÁ H

the Houston area features 3LVWRO 5DQJH ZLWK

over 100 positions, a Trap & Skeet Range and four cham- pionship Sporting Clays courses.

Charity and cor-

porate clay events of 800 or more shooters are regularly held on the Sporting Clays courses.

Kruse Interests is working

in coordination with Ameri- can Shooting Centers and USA Shooting to help man- age and organize the event. For more information, contact Butch Eller at the American Shooting Centers at (713) 556-8199, ext. 213 or by cell at (713) 206-1300.

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