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GLVFXVVHG DUH GHDOLQJ ZLWK all the distractions. The 2O\PSLFV LV DQ HYHQW OLNH no other, and certainly very different to any other shoot- ing event, due to the scale, H[SRVXUH DQG PHGLD DWWUDF- WLRQ (YHU\ IDPLO\ PHPEHU DQG IULHQG ZLOO ZDQW WR WDON WR KHU DERXW LW PHGLD GHPDQGV ZLOO EH KXJHO\ LQ- creased, and it can be really hard to not get caught up LQ HYHU\WKLQJ 6R ZH KDYH WDONHG DERXW NHHSLQJ WKLQJV as normal as possible, limit- ing distraction as much as possible, but at the same time, for her to still go and IXOO\ HQMR\ WKH H[SHULHQFH µ :KHQ DVNHG DERXW ZKDW·V EHHQ WKH ELJJHVW NH\ WR KHU VXFFHVV ERWK student and coach state unequivocally that Thrash- er’s mental approach has been the biggest difference. +HU ZRUN ZLWK 3ULRU KDV OHG her to the process-minded approach that she recounts IUHTXHQWO\ LQ VSLWH RI MRNHV she might face from team- mates.

“Changing my mindset

IURP VRPHRQH WKDW ZDV IRFXVHG RQ RXWFRPH ZKLFK creates a very inconsistent performer, to someone WKDW·V QRZ IRFXVHG RQ process, has made me more consistent, better and happier as a shooter. When you’re shooting and all you FDQ WKLQN DERXW LV WKH ÀYH more 10s for a personal EHVW RU WR ZLQ WKH PDWFK you’re never going to be able to shoot the best that you can. It’s a very limiting ZD\ RI VKRRWLQJ


to have a mindset that’s focused on my personal JURZWK KDV UHDOO\ IUHHG PH of the limits. A year ago, I ZRXOGQ·W KDYH WKRXJKW WKLV


QRZ , UHDOL]H , GRQ·W KDYH limits in my shooting career because of my mindset.” ´6KH KDV ZRUNHG H[- tremely hard this year to improve her shooting abil- LW\ µ VDLG +DPPRQG ´7KLV doesn’t just mean training LQ WKH UDQJH EXW ZRUNLQJ RQ KHU PHQWDO VNLOOV DQG FRPPLWWLQJ WR WKLQNLQJ GLIIHUHQWO\ ZKHQ VKH WUDLQV DQG FRPSHWHV


FKDQJH LQ PLQGVHW RI KRZ she approaches the sport DQG KRZ VKH WKLQNV KDV KDG the greatest impact on her improvement.”

USA Shooting News | May 2016 ´+HU PHQWDO WRXJKQHVV

may be one of her best qualities and she is very GHWHUPLQHG WR GR ZKDWHYHU she does, to the best of her DELOLW\ µ +DPPRQG DGGHG ´%XW , WKLQN RQH RI WKH RWKHU qualities she has, is she is able to do all those things ZLWKRXW EHLQJ WRR FRQ- FHUQHG RI ZKDW RWKHUV WKLQN DQG ZKDW WKH RXWFRPH LV , UHDOO\ WKLQN WKDW LV D XQLTXH and admirable quality.” Despite the success, she WKLQNV VKH·V MXVW JHWWLQJ started. Again, she’s not LQWHUHVWHG LQ ÀQDO XQFRQWURO- lable outcomes, but the end goal is no doubt mastery.


competitive person and I ORYH ZLQQLQJ , VKRRW IRU PDVWHU\


IDFW WKDW VRPHZKHUH RXW there is the perfect shot. And because of that, I feel OLNH HYHU\ GD\ WKDW ,·P OHDUQ- LQJ DQG LPSURYLQJ , ZDQW WR NHHS VKRRWLQJ <RX FDQ have the perfect technique, the perfect hold, shoot the perfect shot and I just try every day to get closer to being able to do that. That’s ZKDW UHDOO\ GULYHV DQG PRWL- vates me.” After all, perfection is a


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