You can always rely on Timeguard to come up with an original idea. This year they are taking driverless LED technology to new levels of design, functionality and, f or installers, easy installation. This all adds up to satisfied customers and better margins


he Nighteye Plus range makes the most of the slimline profiles that

driverless technology allows. With superb, sleek designs and the plug-in flexibility to build custom lighting set- ups, you simply choose the floodlight power you need and then decide if, and how, you want to automate it. If you don’t need a PIR or Photocell, the floodlight is already good to go. If you do, simply match your chosen LED floodlight to the wiring block back-box, which includes either an integral PIR detector, or a photocell. The large wiring blocks make it quick and easy to wire- up, and an extra link makes it suitable to control additional lighting. The PIR and Photocell units simply plug-in, making the whole job, quick and easy. You can just as easily add the controls at a later date if the user needs to have more

control. The new Timeguard Nighteye Plus range is designed and built for the installer market, with easy plug-in installation, and guaranteed fit-and-forget quality. The looks and functionality will make it not only your easiest fit, but also your easiest sell.

THIN, BEAUTIFUL AND TOUGH Maximising the field of illumination is important when using LEDs for flood lights and, without precisely oriented LED arrays and reflector plates, the beam would be

too straight and focussed. Timeguard’s prismatic lenses make a feature of the LEDs, a

million miles away from the old arrays of early LED

lighting. The reflector plates on these new lights are made of tough polycarbonate and you will notice that there is no

clear glass window. The recessed reflector and diode lens are used to create new beautiful sleek lines. There will be no rusting with these polycarbonate plate front lenses either and they will look good for years. The all-white models, with white casing and matching white reflector plates will hardly be seen when mounted on a white soffit board.

EASY INSTALLATION Timeguard has included full size wiring terminals that are easy to terminate your cables into, and a cover with captive screws. The two self-locking glands (supplied) are designed specifically to maintain weather proofing for UK twin-and-earth cable and loop out to other luminaires on the circuit. Even the wall brackets are designed to make hanging easier.

FLEXIBILITY AND EXTENDIBILITY Perhaps the smartest touch of all; simply swap the standard terminal cover for a Timeguard Nighteye Plus unit with a PIR sensor or photocell, plug it in - no extra wiring needed - and you have instantly got an automatic security light. It really is that simple. There is a fourth terminal in the wiring block to simply connect other lighting and this is also controlled by the PIR or photocell as slave lighting. Nighteye plus is offered in black or white designs, with outputs of 10W (650L), 20W (1400L), 30W (2050L) and 50W (3600L). Plus, the simple plug-in PIR sensor and Photocell units are rated to switch up to 140W of LED lighting.

Timeguard T: 0208 450 8944

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