Designed to address the challenges of the smart machine era, Schneider Electric’s new Altivar Machine is said to have superior machine performance. The ATV340 is built for applications requiring rapid dynamic control. It is said to provide the flexibility to handle practically all motor types, in open or closed loop. With a combination of fast application reaction time, a minimum 1ms task cycle, and Ethernet connectivity, the ATV340 is said to maximise machine throughput and provide a faster reaction time. Complete project replication is one- button simple, while a library of tested, validated, and documented architectures is said to boost the speed of design. The ATV340 range has Achilles level 2 cyber-security certification and is compliant with EN ISO 1384901 and EN 62061. The ATV340 is suitable for environments with high levels of dust and vibration, and operating temperatures of up to 60ºC, while remote monitoring enables predictive maintenance and fast device replacement services, ensuring prompt machine recovery.

Schneider Electric


EkkoSense is working with Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN) to trial a design for an early warning sensor. EkkoSense’s solution combines three key technologies: an Internet of Things (IoT) sensor, LoRa long- range wireless communications, and solar power. When installed on a power pole, the sensor can detect when the pole leans further than it should during high winds, and it communicates the need for maintenance before any further damage causes it to collapse. The device also senses shock

and vibration, from impact by debris during a storm, for example. LoRa communications and solar power have ensured the solution is a match for power lines in areas that are subject to the UK’s highest wind speeds. An initial trial on the Isle of Skye will be conducted to test the solution’s applicability and identify potential cost savings.

Stewart Reid, head of future networks at

Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks, said: “Our network is designed to cope with the most extreme weather and any innovation that can deliver an early warning to help ensure we continue to provide a safe and secure electricity supply to our customers is welcomed.” Dr. Stu Redshaw, chief technology

officer at EkkoSense, adds: “For SSEN our IoT sensors will monitor the angle and stability of the wooden poles. This data will then be analysed on an EkkoSoft monitoring platform that applies complex algorithms to decide if a threshold has been breached and an alarm should be raised. “In short, we should know when a

wooden pole is weak or unstable and action its replacement/repair ahead of it falling in a storm,

disrupting the power supply.”



Wave2Wave Solution’s EVO Switch+ connectivity solution is aimed at spine-and- leaf networks with mixed data rates. EVO Switch+ is deployed alongside high density switches to simplify 100G to 25G, or 40G to 10G network configurations. With its plug-and-play capabilities, EVO

Switch+ helps IT managers speed up project completion, improving time to service and time to revenue. EVO Switch+ is an add-on to layer-2 switches from Arista, Brocade, Cisco, Dell, Juniper and others, although vendor neutral, EVO Switch+ is positioned to package together with layer-2 switches directly via equipment OEMs or channels. “As data centres continue to grow in density and speed, complexities are introduced due to mixed data rates,” said David Wang, founder and chief executive officer at Wave2Wave. “Often this results in network infrastructure projects to take longer to complete,


Switch mode power supplies are the core of power supply systems, as they electronically monitor output voltage and output current. If there is a short circuit or an overload, protective devices downstream - such as circuit breakers - react slower than the power supply and do not ensure selectivity. This can cause critical situations like voltage drops or even cable fires. Murrelektronik’s MICO modules help eliminate these

problems. MICO is an essential component for protecting power supply systems, enabling errors to be found quickly while availability remains high. With MICO, you can select a maximum, individual current value for each channel and monitor this value. MICO also indicates when it is approaching the maximum load, via a visual alarm, which is activated when 90 per cent of the selected current load is reached. When there are short circuits, or if the selected load current is exceeded, MICO switches the affected channel off. MICO provides flexibility as each channel can be individually switched off. MICO is also certified according to NEC class 2, monitoring components without UL approval. Class 2 circuits are energy-limited circuits: the maximum power is 100VA. Murrelektronik 38 NOVEMBER 2016 | ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING

negatively impacting a business’ ability to quickly scale the network to support data intensive applications, and delaying time to market. EVO Switch+ offers a simple solution.” The EVO Switch+ supports QSFP28 to

SFP28, or QSFP+ to SFP+ optical interface, includes high density 1U or 2U form factors to match layer-2 switches and Plug-n-Play, with MTP/MPO cables in either single mode or multi-mode. The EVO Switch+ is also said to supply low insertion loss.

Wave2Wave Solution


Waveguide Lighting’s new Starshot sealed luminaire is designed for use where precise light levels and high uniformity is required. It is available with IP40 sealing for use in food hygiene, general manufacturing and warehousing, and in IP65 versions, for external canopy lighting, flood lighting, perimeter illumination and walkways. Compact and suitable for surface mount, recessed or chain fitting, four standard outputs are available. Starshot is mains powered, with power consumptions of 43 to 107W, giving light outputs ranging from 5,156 to 12,958 lumens, at a colour temperature of 5,700°K with a CRI of 75. The estimated L70 lifetime is 109,000 hours, giving 80 per cent energy savings compared traditional lighting. Waveguide Lighting’s patented end lit rod technology

with the LEDs are located at each end of the solid, optical grade acrylic rod, ensuring the LEDs are hidden from view and reducing glare substantially. 

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