WAGO’s terminals and conductors can now be bought pre-mounted in a Spelsberg A-Box enclosure. The Spelsberg range was chosen for its quality and the flexibility of the available dimensions. Installation is said to be made easier thanks to the tool-less operation of the components. As well as supplying stand-alone connectors and terminals, pre-mounted solutions are also available from WAGO, further simplifying the installation process. Spelsberg’s A-Box enclosure range has been specified to offer high quality,

IP65 protection to WAGO’s TOPJOB S Terminals or 222 Series Connectors. A specialised carrier mounting has been developed to accommodate the WAGO components, maximising the space available inside the enclosure. Cable glands are also supplied, meaning end-users simply need to knock out the entry points as required and mount the enclosure. WAGO junction boxes are available from Screwfix and most other leading distributors. WAGO CUSTOM SUPERSIZE

COMBIMET ENCLOSURES METCASE is manufacturing its Combimet 19-inch rack mount enclosures in deeper and larger custom sizes. METCASE has also custom manufactured a non-rack (non-19inch) version of Combimet 500mm x 800mm x 200mm, for an application that involved ceiling- mounted electronics. Standard Combimet is a 19-inch rack

mounted enclosure for networking and communications, industrial control, sound systems and instrumentation. All Combimet enclosures offer access to the PCBs; the top, base and rear panels are removable. The top and base can be specified as either vented or unvented. Features include ergonomic front panel handles and mounting holes

for PCBs and chassis. There are M4 earth studs on all components for electrical continuity. METCASE


ENCLOSURES FOR FAST ASSEMBLY CamdenBoss has extended its DIN- Rail enclosure range with a new family of instrument boxes, offering low profile and deep profile versions designed to help speed electrical and electronic products to market. The CDIB range is supplied in kit

form for fast, snap-fit assembly, with the low profile size offering a slimline 35mm DIN-Rail mount enclosure for applications where space is at a premium. The deep profile case, meanwhile, provides more internal space for those applications with larger components and boards. All terminal guards and covers from the CamdenBoss DIN-Rail CNMB range can be

used with both CDIB versions, and any existing base PCBs will fit both the CNMB and CDIB enclosures. Moulded in UL94-V0, the CDIB enclosures can be fully customised allowing freedom to include cut-outs, vents or holes, in any position and with a variety of colours available. Combined with the option of digital printing, customers can create a bespoke CDIB DIN-Rail mounting instrument enclosure to their exact specifications.



This new 1,000 program stainless steel L handle, from EMKA, is both highly corrosion resistant and designed to accept a padlock for security. The AISI 316 handle features a padlockable mechanism below the L, further restricting access to the lock and enhancing security. The advanced properties of AISI 316 make this handle especially suited to offshore or coastal environments or other applications subject to saline/chloride exposure. Alongside this new L handle, EMKA now

offer an internally mounted 1050 program door or cover stay in AISI 3014, which provides a locking mechanical prop to support heavy covers, or doors subject to wind forces when open. The 1050 stay is an important safety device in the protection of service personnel and to restrict door movement and consequential damage.


Rittal is launching a new generation of lights designed specifically for enclosures. The range sets new standards for energy and high performance using LED technology which can deliver up to 1,200 lumens. For easy installation, there are simple connection and mounting options. Lighting is an area that is often neglected in the

design of an enclosure, yet it plays a vital role in helping with installation and maintenance. The ability to easily identify different wire colours, for example, is clearly vital for both. Two models of the new enclosure lights are being

launched with luminous fluxes of 900 and 1,200 lumens. They use LEDs which provide outstanding energy efficiency and have a much longer lifetime than other light sources. Their transparent plastic lens, with integrated Fresnel lenses, focus the light in such a way that the entire enclosure is illuminated, even down at the bottom. It means the light can be targeted towards areas where it is needed, without it being scattered into the exterior. If required, the system can also daisy- chain up to 15 lights from a single power source. There are a range of options for turning the lights on and off by an integrated switch, a door switch or a motion detector. The connections have been designed to simplify assembly work and allow rapid installation. For example, the lights can be attached using pre- assembled cables with connectors. The lamp connection can also be swivelled through 90 degrees, allowing a cable to be easily fitted even in enclosures which are just 600mm wide. 

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