With many industry shows, such as Datacentre Dynamic’s Zettastructure, Advanced Engineering, Elex Show, Emex, and Lux Live, taking place in November, it’s been a very busy time for the electrical engineering industry.

Following this month of back-to-back shows, we have decided to create a new Events Guide for 2017. This online-only supplement will provide information on the exhibitions taking place throughout the new year. The guide will be continuously updated as the latest news is released. To view the guide so far, please visit our website and click on ‘2017 Events Guide’. If you would like to be included, please let me know. This month we have

introduced a new rail focus feature. It has been an exciting year for the rail industry; preparation of the new Crossrail project is now 75 per cent complete and new trains, such as the Class 700, are being designed to further improve the future of commuting in London. As well as this, work for Thamelink’s final set of platforms is underway; set to be completed in 2018. Our feature will cover all the latest news and advances in rail technology.

Lisa Peake - Editor

According to The Telegraph, just 8.5 per cent of the engineers in the UK are women, and 62 per cent of 11-21 year-old girls believe engineering and technology is ‘just for boys’. These skewed perceptions of engineering are preventing young women from considering a career in engineering. One company that aims to address this is

engineering solutions firm adi Group which last month launched the UK’s first pre-apprenticeship scheme for 14-16 year olds. The scheme, run in partnership with a local secondary school, involves adi engineers teaching core practical skills to 12 pupils (including three girls) in a live workshop for half a day each week. By introducing young women to the world of engineering at an early age, it is hoped that more of them will choose to enter a career in the industry after they’ve completed their studies. Alan Lusty, CEO and founder of adi Group,

comments, “A key part of the solution lies in providing engineering training for young women before they make important career decisions. “Our new pre-apprenticeship scheme links together industry and education to show school age children the benefits of engineering and present it as a viable career option”.


Schneider Electric is continuing its commitment to electricians with the expansion of its enhanced and newly titled Electrician Partner Programme. Formerly known as Ultimate Installer, the scheme is dedicated to

supporting electricians and is free for professionals working in the residential and light commercial sectors, and who can demonstrate one of the entry criteria. With its continuous development of partner benefits, promotions and digital business tools, the programme helps partners to solve challenges such as striking a balance between time on the tools vs administration in the office, to maintaining skills and knowledge for emerging technology trends, as well as the evolving marketing needs of starting a new business, through to maintaining an established one. Benefits for partners include a welcome pack with complimentary

branded work wear, a business listing on Schneider Electric’s Partner locator for end users, training opportunities, special promotions, and events. In addition, partners will receive exclusive access to the My Rewards Loyalty Scheme where they can make their spend on thousands of everyday materials go further and reap a reward for choosing Schneider Electric. Underpinning the Programme, and helping electricians save time online,

is the launch of the new mySchneider Electrician portal. The free portal provides a one-stop shop for product information, pricing, stockist locator, online training and quick links to customer and technical support. Partners also get access to the loyalty scheme facilities and client support tools at Partner rates.

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