The choice of cable management plays a major part in the specification chain; get it wrong and it can impact the integrity of an entire electrical installation. Emma Segelov, head of marketing at MK Electric’s parent company, Honeywell, advises why quality, reliability and performance must be the deciding factors when specifying cable management

is no loss of effectiveness where the trunking lengths are cut on-site, or if the surface becomes scuffed or scratched. The result, as verified by a separate independent test, is a 99.9 per cent kill rate on both MRSA and Klebsiella pneumoniae. It is therefore a suitable solution for contractors when specifying for hospitals, care home providers and other establishments where reducing infection count is a number one priority. Aiding ease of installation further, all

Prestige 3D products come complete with a vast choice of angles, joints and connectors, to alleviate the laborious task of having to cut to size on site. What’s more, all PVC-u extrusions are made from 100 per cent recycled materials, adding to a project’s CSR credentials. Aiding safety credentials, Logic Plus


he task of the modern contractor is by no means an easy one. On the one

hand, amid a fiercely competitive marketplace, there is the need to ensure on-the-job efficiency to secure the contract. Equally, in order to keep the work coming in an industry where reputation is everything, it is vital to ensure a high-performance installation which is safe, durable and meets the needs of the end-user. Adding further complexity, different sectors each come with their own unique challenges. For example, in healthcare, there is the risk of cross-contamination and infection control to contend with, while schools and universities face extreme high volume and the constant need for adaptions. All of this makes for a complex specification process. Although sometimes overlooked on the

specification priority chain, the reality is that the choice of cable management products has a huge part to play in this. Gone are the days of the plastic ‘one size fits all’ approach and many of today’s solutions are incredibly innovative and high-performing, making them an obvious choice for the contractor. For example, MK Electric Prestige 3D range of compartment trunking caters for Cat 5e, 6 and 7 structured cabling and offers a number of features designed for the ultimate in fast, fuss-free installation.


products also include an inherent antimicrobial property as a result of the high-grade thermoset material used to manufacture, making them suitable for high-risk arenas such as hospitals. Plus, a three-pin operation ‘child resistant shutter system’ is designed to inhibit access to the electricity supply, unless all three pins of a standard British 13A plug are in position.

Logic Plus also has the benefit of being

Different sectors each come with their own unique challenges. In healthcare, there is the risk of contamination, while schools face high volume and the constant need for adaptions

Firstly, the solid form ensures a robust performance, while the flexibility of PVC-u in the bends allows cables to be wired easily. Further time-saving features include pre-drilled trunking bases, eliminating the need to measure and drill fixing holes on site, as well as a unique ‘open box’ mounting frame combined with divider knockout to provide tool-free cable entry. The result is an incredibly quick installation. As an extension of the offer, Prestige

Antibac Blue is an antibacterial trunking system designed to kill bacteria which can grow on surfaces. Prestige Antibac Blue uses uses a silver-based additive within the PVC-u pipes, which acts as an effective weapon in eradicating bacteria, such as MRSA, rather than just restricting its growth. As the additive is homogenous with the PVC-u compound, the protection runs throughout and there

scratch-free, thanks to high-quality mould tools, meaning there are no dirt traps for the bacteria to spread - another way of optimising precautionary levels. The range has also been designed with a soft curved edge and a chamfered top edge, which helps to prevent dust and dirt collection and avoid harbouring bacteria, and it also comes with a 20 year guarantee for added peace of mind. Key products in the range are available in ‘graphite’ colour to support Part M compliance. Today’s contractors must go beyond

‘tried and tested’ products and make sure that they invest in the newest innovations, which can ensure a quick, safe, secure and reliable installation while reducing time and material cost. When it comes to the choice of cable management, it could just make all the difference in sealing the deal.

MK Electric


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