TRAXLINE cables for cable carriers. F

rom one of the leading names for cable carriers, we are here to help. We continuously develop and refine the ‘insides’ of carriers, and constantly adapt them to market requirements, with our TRAXLINE cable range.

Scolmore adds smart switches to iNELS range

collection, making it easier than ever for installers to provide an upgrade to an existing wiring installation. Putting additional switches in more practical or convenient locations, for example, or the option to add two-way dimming, are all possible now. The Smart Switches are compatible with Click iNELS RF wireless control systems to offer automated lighting control and they can be used with the iNELS switching and dimming receivers and unlike conventional dimmers, they allow you to dim from two locations.


Smart Switches consist of a Retractive Switch Module and Switch Cover Plate and are available in five switch types and in multiple finishes and styles from across the Click Wiring Accessory ranges to offer maximum choice.

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colmore has introduced a range of Smart Switches to its iNELS Smart Wiring Accessories

Our cable range meets the highest quality standard in order to ensure the reliability of your system and installations. With the TRAXLINE range, we offer a selection of cables which is complete, cost-effective, highly flexible and extremely durable. Our ranges of cables extend to Power, Control, Data, Bus, Fibre Optic and Coaxial cable. A key factor for our cables is that they are tested and have a proven

operational reliability, which meets all applicable standards and directives. We can supply complete cable assemblies loomed inside our carriers or supplied individually.

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Increased Dimming Compatability M

EGAMAN®, a leading LED lighting solution provider, is proud to announce the launch of a new selection of GU10 lamps that

incorporate the company’s new Hybrid Reflector and U-DIM™ technology. A new 4W (250lm) GU10 and 5W (360lm) dimming GU10, with 25,000 hours’ life, are now available in MEGAMAN’s popular Economy range, whilst the Professional range sees the addition of a new 5.5W (500lm) and 7W (550lm) dimming GU10, both with 50,000 hours life. All of the new dimming GU10’s incorporate MEGAMAN’s revolutionary U-DIM™ technology as standard – making the lamps compatible with the widest possible range of existing dimmers, whether they are leading-edge or trailing-edge. The new 7W addition to the Professional Range also features MEGAMAN’s new Hybrid Reflector, providing excellent optics, efficiency and precise beam control.

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Megger takes handheld insulation testing to 2.5 kV

n response to customer demand for a dependable and versatile handheld insulation tester capable of operating at up to 2.5 kV, portable test equipment specialist, Megger, has introduced its new MIT2500 instrument, which offers accurate measurements up to 200 GΩ.


The MIT2500 insulation tester has feedback- stabilised test voltages to ensure that tests are always carried out to Megger’s market leading tight specification.

The MIT2500 also

incorporates a guard terminal that makes it possible to compensate for the effects of surface leakage currents.

Designed to offer long reliable service even when used in tough on-site conditions, MIT2500 insulation tester features rugged construction,

The Perfect Combination

with resilient rubber over-

moulding, and an IP54 protection rating. Designed from the outset with safety in mind, they incorporate live circuit detection and protection functionality, and they have a CATIV 600 V safety rating in line with IEC 61010.

Typical applications for Megger’s new 2.5 kV insulation tester include testing of cables, motors and generators. In addition, as users can adjust the test voltage in 10 V steps from 100 V to 2.5 kV, the instrument can also be used for testing electrical installations, verifying the ESD of materials and testing of control panels, to name but a few.

Megger Ltd  01304 502101 42 NOVEMBER 2016 | ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING 

weFlux² from wenglor is the new generation of high-performance, compact Fluid Sensors which unites electronics and analysis module in a single housing. A patented measuring method determines the flow velocities as well as the temperatures of liquid media – regardless of position and direction of flow. The combination of two measuring functions in a single sensor reduces the number of measuring points in closed systems by 50% and minimizes installation, service and inventory costs. wenglor’s new sensors are based on a patented measuring method in accordance with the calorimetric principle.

w Thermal differences are

measured in flowing media and are converted to physical quantities such as flow velocity and temperature. The measurement results of most common sensors provide just one value.


01536 313 580


englor Presents New Fluid Sensors for Flow Rate and Temperature.

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