Ellis Launches Online Cleat School E

New Fluke laser levels provide precise reference points


luke has introduced Fluke Laser Levels, a new line of professional-grade, precision tools that are designed to survive a one metre drop and keep working.

The Fluke Laser Level family includes:

• Fluke-3PR (red laser) and Fluke-3PG (green laser) Point Laser Levels— self-levelling, three-point laser levels for fast, accurate layout of reference points.

• Fluke-180LR and Fluke-180LG Line Laser Levels— self-levelling, horizontal- and vertical-cross line laser levels for rapid, accurate (3mm at 10 metres) levelling and layout.

• Fluke-LDR and Fluke-LDG Laser Line Detectors — laser line detectors for use in high ambient light settings with visual and audible indicators for ease of use.

• Fluke-180LR System and Fluke-180LG Systems — comprehensive self-levelling, horizontal- and vertical-cross line laser level systems that include laser line detector and detector bracket for use in high ambient light settings.

Fluke  020 7942 0708 

CP Electronics

llis has launched an online learning platform aimed at enhancing both professional development and the understanding of cable cleats around the world. The world’s leading cable cleat manufacturer has taken its UK accredited Continuing Professional Development (CPD) course – Cable cleats: a device for short circuit protection – online so that it can be used by engineering professionals, wherever they are in the world, as part of their on-going programme of career development and learning. Phil Goddard, Ellis’ specification manager,

said: “Our CPD

programme has been running for a number of years and to date we’ve clocked up thousands of miles presenting the course hundreds of times.”

Ellis’ e-learning platform has been designed to provide technical insight and guidance.

Ellis Patents  01944 758395 

£5m Science Centre Goes Green with CP Electronics

environmentally friendly science centre, teaching block and café, thanks in part to the contribution of CP Electronics. The £5m green Science Centre at Barton Peveril Sixth


Form College in Eastleigh, Hampshire, has three storeys and includes nine state-of-the-art laboratories and preparation rooms for the study of biology, chemistry and physics. There is also classroom space, a café and extensive private study areas. The centre was formally opened in December 2015 by Professor Joanna Haigh of Imperial College London, who is

Co-Director of The Grantham Institute for Climate Change. This was particularly appropriate, given that the building was specifically designed to be environmentally friendly.

 0333 900 0671

Raychem Senz Thermostats Take Floor Heating Comfort To New Levels

aychem has launched its new SENZ range of thermostats, enabling users to control their electric floor heating system simply and easily through an innovative touchscreen functionality and WIFI capability. Combining modern design, easy-to-use touch and swipe controls, and intelligent operation for new levels of comfort and performance, Raychem SENZ and SENZ WIFI feature the latest cutting-edge heating control technology. The thermostats work with floor sensors from 2-100kΩ, making them the perfect choice for new build and renovation projects. This means that installers can easily upgrade to SENZ due to its compatibility with existing floor heating systems. Raychem SENZ is


supplied with a sleek black cover to look beautiful in any home and an alternative white cover for use with switchgear systems is also included.

Pentair  +32 (0)16 213 533

Lunch ‘n’ Learn training session A

Four topics are covered:

• The fundamentals of harmonics • Mitigation techniques • Dealing with a mixture of single and three-phase harmonics • The latest G5/4-1 recommendations and how they affect harmonic management

Knowing how to mitigate harmonics is a vital aspect of avoiding their worst effects. Mitigation techniques covered on the course will include chokes, transformers, active supply units, active filters and passive filters.


SWA’s Firefly Fire Safety Clips win 8 awards!


BB has launched a Lunch ‘n’ Learn training session designed to offer a short introduction to harmonics and their effects. Ideal for people with a basic knowledge of electrical installations, the sessions last no longer than 45 minutes and can be held at customer premises or at an ABB facility.

WA’s Firefly Cable Clips have been awarded eight Warrington Fire Safety Certificates for their BS7671 Amendment 3 compliant range of clips.

The Certificates represent a major coup for Firefly as their entire range of inside/outside trunking clips are now proven.

SWA’s Firefly Cable Clips are a unique, spring-

loaded design which embed tighter into substructure as a fire takes hold, making the risk of overhead cables falling almost impossible.

In the

tests at Warrington in July using Prysmian Plus fire alarm cable,

the clips stayed in place as

temperatures reached 930ºC for 120 minute duration. The comprehensive test includes a shock and water spray test.

SWA  01453 844 333 


Hampshire sixth form college has achieved its ambition of building a brand new,

state-of-the-art and

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