generation of Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR) appliances - the Silavent HRX-aQ - which intelligently manages air conditions for maximum homeowner comfort, whilst also being quick and easy to install.

Check your UPS battery performance whilst

maintaining your critical load S

ocomec’s latest innovation with the Delphys Green Power and the Delphys Xtend Green

Power range of UPS the process of conducting battery discharge testing is simplified.

Socomec’s innovative Battery Capacity Reinjection function enables the battery to be discharged to the upstream mains network through the UPS rectifier. This function is carried out online with the load fully protected. The UPS rectifier acts as a current generator synchronized to the mains voltage; the reinjected power is active power only, there is no reinjection of reactive power.


reinjected current is sinusoidal, and therefore does not affect the LV installation. If mains power is lost during the test, the reinjection is automatically stopped with no effect to the system load. For an N+1 or 2N installation the system autonomy is ensured.

Socomec  01285 86 33 00 

How a building performs thermally and its occupants’ comfort levels can vary significantly; one person’s pleasant temperature can be another’s overheating point.

The HRX-aQ has been designed by Polypipe

Ventilation to match ventilation rates to the internal environment and occupants’ requirements. This is achieved through advanced AMIE (Air Management for Indoor Environments) technology including features such as digital humidity control, which automatically changes the HRX-aQ’s extract speed from background to boost as the level of humidity increases and automated time or humidity controlled bypass options to allow in cooler, fresh and filtered air.

Polypipe  03443 715523 

High Intensity Leds Transform The Test Lamp N

New Polypipe Ventilation’s Hrx-Aq Mvhr Systems P

olypipe Ventilation has announced its next

ow available from Martindale Electric – leaders in electrical safety – is the latest generation of Drummond test lamps using high intensity LEDs for live voltage indication. The use of high intensity LEDs has transformed the test lamp, enabling the display of discrete voltages levels over a 360 degree viewing angle, even in bright sunlight and for the most difficult of applications. The visibility from all angles is unique when compared to conventional two pole testers and with no batteries or ranges to worry about, it’s the simplest and safest way to prove dead when carrying out safe isolation procedures.

Featuring four distinctive bands of LED illumination, the MTL10 and MTL20 test lamps provide safe and clear indication for voltages above 50, 100, 200 and 400 volts.

Martindale  01923 441 717

Switchtec’s Surge Protection brochure is educational and informative


istributor Switchtec has issued a brochure showcasing surge protection devices from a world leader in the field, Citel.

As well as

providing technical specifications of some of the most popular surge protection devices from Citel, the six page, full colour brochure includes useful information on the risks of electrical surges, the benefits of using SPDs and a short guide ‘Does my installation need an SPD?’ For ease of selection and clarity of ordering the brochure shows a colour photo of each product along with a detailed description, its order code,

product dimensions, specifications and prices.

Surge protection Devices (SPD) assist in the protection of electrical and electronic equipment against transients, originating from lightning and switching sources.


transients can cause damage ranging from the premature ageing to the complete destruction of equipment within the entire electrical installation. Products such as LED lighting, data servers, industrial equipment, PV inverters and PLCs are critical to business activity and any down time or product replacement can be

costly. Protecting this equipment using by an SPD is essential for any business. Lightning strikes probably don’t occur any more now than they did 30 years ago, yet due to the increase in computer based control systems and their susceptibility to becoming corrupted or even physically damaged by lightning, we now need to protect many aspects of ‘electronics infrastructure’ more than ever. Type 1 surge protectors are designed to be installed where a direct lightning strike risk is high. Type 2 surge protectors are designed to be installed at the entrance of the installation.

Switchtec  01785 818600  / ELECTRICALENGINEERING technical 

Island life for Urmet U

rmet is providing its IPervoice video entry and access control solution to London City Island, a project in Docklands being dubbed

Manhattan.’ As well as accommodation, the 12-acre redeveloped site will feature offices,

‘Mini arts

organisations, a gallery and retail outlets. In total there will be 1,700 apartments across ten buildings, each featuring brickwork in a striking single colour.

The island is on a loop of the River

Lea and is being transformed into a glass-and-steel waterside district in keeping with the area’s maritime heritage. The current phase of this ten-year project will see Urmet door entry equipment installed in 417 homes by London-based security systems integrator Heston Apex Europe. The security firm will be responsible for installing Urmet’s recently launched Elekta INOX brushed stainless steel flush-mounted door entry panels.

Urmet  01376 556010 


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