How to easily install distribution enclosures

ittal, a leading global provider of solutions for industrial enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure,

R Ppe Layering To

Increase Arc Flash Protection


rco, the UK’s leading safety company, is the only supplier in the safety industry to utilise combination testing to increase the level of protection provided by its hazardwear. The ArcoPro Flame Retardant (FR) range offers a collection of technical garments designed and tested to ensure safety, even in the most hazardous working environments. To help customers understand the complex combinations required to increase the level of Arc Flash protection provided by their garments, the safety company has also launched an online Product Selection tool.

Arco has conducted two sets of tests on the ArcoPro range, which includes base layers, mid layers, workwear, and weather protection, both on individual garments and in combinations. The test results clearly show the benefits of layering the garments to achieve a higher level of protection. For further information about Arco’s Arc Flash range, visit

Arco  01482 222522 


announced further improvements to its ISV distribution enclosure - part of the Ri4Power range. It has upgraded the installation kit allowing the ISV modules to be integrated faster and more easily into the TS 8 and SE 8 enclosure systems, and into the AE compact enclosure. The new improved version of the installation kit is smaller in size so it can be stored and transported more easily, and they can also be used to install other stainless steel enclosures of the same size, making it readily usable in difficult or testing environmental conditions. The primary component within Rittal’s ISV installation kit is the distributor framework’s removable support frame. This frame means every element within the enclosure can be removed and work on the wiring can be easily and ergonomically performed outside the enclosure. Once the wiring is completed, the support

frame with all its devices is easily fitted and firmly bolted in place. Although Rittal has dispensed with the use of obstructive profile stays, there is still plenty of available space to install further devices and equipment as required. The Rittal ISV distribution enclosure design is based on the TS 8 and SE 8 enclosure series and on

the AE enclosure for wall-mounted distributors. The distributor is configured with electrical equipment, including circuit breakers, fuses and terminals with ISV modules. The ISV modules come in a range of different options, depending on the equipment to be installed or the function needed.

Rittal  01709 704000

Brand New Website For Rehau Cable Management R

EHAU,manufacturer of the popular Compact Data and Profile Data cable management systems, has just launched a brand new website at Optimised to view on PCs, laptops or mobile devices, the website is packed with valuable information for both specifiers and contractors. For specifiers, it includes full product specifications on REHAU’s data, slimline, aluminium, steel and halogen free trunking, with the focus very much on how these products can provide a solution for any cable management requirement. There is lots of information on REHAU’s

products for bespoke applications as well, including its trunking available in 170 RAL colours, and animations showing how its BioCote treated anti-microbial trunking works to eliminate the spread of surface bacteria and how its bespoke curved options allow trunking to be fitted on curved walls.


addition to the website at, REHAU cable management is also on Twitter @REHAUtrunking, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Rehau  01989 762600 

London borough fits Aico’s latest multi-sensor fire alarm


long standing Aico customer, Harrow is using the Ei2110e to upgrade its properties to at least a category LD2, Grade D standard. The

upgrades will take place during major refurbishments or a rewire of a property, covering 200-300 homes per year. In line with category LD2, Grade D systems, the properties will be fitted with the new Ei2110e in the main living room, landing and hallway, with a Heat Alarm in the kitchen. Further alarms will be installed on recommendation from the installers where additional risks have been highlighted. The Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm contains two sensor types, optical and

heat, to constantly monitor smoke and heat levels, sending and receiving information via its intelligent detection software. This sensor information alters the alarm’s sensitivity and trigger points automatically.

Aico  01691 664100  / ELECTRICALENGINEERING L

ESP is in the Spotlight

eading security products manufacturer, ESP, has plans to extend its Duceri Emergency Lighting

range to bring new and improved products to market.

First to be launched is a self-contained emergency twin spotlight which delivers an improved light output.The new, non-maintained twin spot emergency light (EM9WNM Spot 2) features two adjustable 15 SMD 2835 LED spot lamps – with green LED indicator - which supply a 248-lumen output and will provide efficient illumination for a range of applications including corridors, storerooms, workshops and high bay installations. Standard,

Tested to BS EN 60598-2-22 the IP65-rated emergency light is

designed for wall mounting and features robustly constructed polycarbonate housing and heads. Economical use of the battery allows for a minimum three hours emergency duration.

ESP  01527 515150 


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