Cygnus Wireless Fire Alarm System


ne of the key spectator stands at Lord’s Cricket Ground is currently under a two-stage development programme and during construction works, Bull Products is providing its Cygnus wireless fire alarm systems.

Although designed as a temporary alarm system for construction sites, the Cygnus wireless system can be used on other construction sites after use. The flexibility of the system was underlined when it was able to be modified to link with alarms in the construction site offices. The Cygnus wireless fire alarm system is a major

innovation for construction sites and has been designed and developed in conjunction with major construction companies to incorporate all the features required for larger construction projects. The Cygnus system is able to link no less than 480 units in 15 different zones.

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The smallest safety light barriers in the world, with built-in evaluation

Schmersal is presenting its new cost-effective SLB range at SPS IPC Drives 2016

he new SLB 240/440/450 range of safety light barriers have built-in analysis and impressively small dimensions. This means the SLB 240/440 with cable connection and dimensions of WHL 28x32x72 mm or with connector socket (WHL 28x32x91 mm) can be used in very confined spaces and can be mounted quickly and easily. Both models have a range of 15 metres, while the SLB 450 (dimensions DL 49 x 126 mm) can achieve a range of up to 75 metres. The single beam safety light barriers are particularly useful for securing smaller hazard areas, such as machines with small openings or slots, in paper printing machines, for example: This provides reliable protection for the operating personnel as every interruption to the light beam triggers a signal which safely switches off the potentially hazardous machine movement. One major advantage of the SLB 240/440/540 range is that it can be used for a wide range of applications in processing centres for assembly/handing and in the wood, paper and printing industry, high-shelf warehouses or packaging machines.


Accurate Mass Flow Control Improves

Vacuum Coatings Results A

licat Scientific’s mass flow controllers ensure the optimal coating environment in vacuum

chambers, maintaining product integrity in coating and sputtering processes. The MCE-Series and MCV- Series may be used to replace legacy and discontinued MKS instruments. Made to fit the same space as common industry mass flow controllers, both series are easy to integrate into existing systems. In use, they offer fast, accurate flow control. The Alicat MCE and MCV accurately control gas

flow rates as low as 0-0.5 sccm full scale or as high as 0-20 slpm full scale with control response times of 50 to 100 milliseconds. Fast response times can greatly improve vacuum coating end products and help eliminate target poisoning. The integrated pneumatic shut-off valve is normally closed, affording positive shut-off of 1x10-9 atm-sccm/sec Helium max.

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All SLB light barriers have safe semiconductor outputs (2 x PNP) and can be included directly into the safety circuit, even without external safety evaluation. In accordance with IEC 61496, the new product range complies with the requirements for all Type 2 or Type 4 applications. They are then used for process protection, for example in high-shelf warehouses, where deviations from predefined positions are detected by means of object recognition and height recording, thus preventing collisions and damage. The SLB 450 version, which can monitor access areas of up to 75 metres, is also fitted with an optional built-in heater so it can be used in very low temperatures (down to -30°C). This means it can be used outside, for example in the wood or cement industry, in gravel pits or docks. All versions have a visual set-up guide which makes commissioning significantly easier. At the same

time, they have a 4-way coding level, so that if multiple light barriers are used in one application, up to four sensor pairs can be operated in one direction without influencing one another. Configuration does not require tools such as PC’s or commissioning systems, it simply uses a command device such as a button. Set-up, automatic and restart modes and a diagnostics mode are available. “By developing the new SLB range, we are completing our range of opto-electronic safety equipment

products. Depending on the size and complexity of the hazardous area, the customer can choose between light barriers in the SLB range, multi-beam SLG light barriers or light curtains in the SLC product range,” explains Klaus Schuster, who is responsible for safe optoelectronics products at Schmersal. “Depending on the application, these opto-electronic ranges can then be combined with safety relay modules, safety controllers or AS-i system components. This means we can offer our customers complete safety systems, tailored solutions which are completely customised to the requirements of the relevant application.”


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Web: Visit Schmersal on 22/11- 24/11/2016 at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg: in Hall 9, Stand 460. / ELECTRICALENGINEERING

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