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GREEN MEADOWS AT FOUNTAIN HILL CEMETERY 1121 Graham Street, Fountain Hill, PA 18015 610-868-4840 • The only green cemetery in the Lehigh Valley. A cemetery of wild- flowers and grasses native to Penn- sylvania. Return to the natural cycle of life to nourish the soil, green the meadow and live on. Nondenomi- national. Non-profit. Speakers available to visit organizations. See ad page 22.


THE GLITTER COOKIE Denise Taddeo, M.A., HC Phillpsburg, NJ 862-259-0641 Health Coaching from profes- sional counselor knowledgeable in not only dietary theory, but also working with bio individuality including each specific person’s body type, blood type, and their overall organic body. Offering individualized 3 and 6 month

programs for motivated people interested in their overall health and happiness. See ad page 28.

WONDER HEALTH & WELLNESS, LLC Mehri Ulas, MD 628 Twin Ponds Road Breinigsville, Pennsylvania 18031 484-240-9730

Empower yourself with evidence based health coaching. I will assess your current health and wellness, assist in developing a clear vision of yourself, devise a plan to get you where you want to be, navigate and support you in your journey, give continuing evaluation of progress,

help overcome obstacles and build long-lasting behavioral change. See ad page 28.


HYPNO PATH CENTER, LLC Marcella Hilferty, CPHI, CH, MBA Forks Township, Easton, PA 18040 610-248-2358

When nothing else works, Hypnosis does! A Certified Professional Hyp- nosis Instructor and practitioner, bringing to the Lehigh Valley a systematic hypnosis process uti- lized in one-to-one sessions. Also, offering a self-hypnosis process unlike any self-hypnosis system. Experience the joy of being self-

empowered. See ad page 45.

ONE OF A KIND PERSONAL COACHING June Rose, Personal Coach 45 W. Water Street Hellertown, PA 18055 610.838.5463 Just like no two snowflakes are the same, June believes no two people are the same either. Allow her holistic, one-of-a-kind personal coaching style to help you achieve your physical, emotional, or spiritual goals. June invites you to chat with her for a FREE consultation (by phone/in person). Call or visit June today and find the

right solution – for you!

POSITIVE PSYCHOLOGY ANNA A. GAITANOS, M.ED. 65 East Elizabeth Avenue, Suite 412 Bethlehem, PA 484-226-7187

I believe you are the expert in your own life. I collaborate with you in developing a plan to meet your goals. Together we identify your strengths, where you want to be in your life, and the steps to get you there. Please contact me for your complimentary coaching consultation.


BELLEWOOD WELLNESS CENTER Veronica August, CMLDT, LMT 511 County Road 614 Pattenburg, NJ 08802 908-713-6700

Want vibrant health? Love your LYMPH! The lymph system is the “rubbish removal” system of the body. MLD stimulates lymph sys- tem circulation to lessen edema, remove toxic buildup, and signifi- cantly boost immunological re- sponse. Bellewood also offers

Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, EFT/BSFF, Aroma- Acupoint Therapy, Reiki, and Jin Shin Jyutsu.


LAW OF ATTRACTION David Bartky, LOACC 973-444-7301

Phone Coaching At Its Best. The Law of Attraction is always operating in your life, but if you’re not aware how to use it you could be attracting what you don’t want, instead of what you do want. I am an experienced, certified, Law of Attraction life coach. I will teach you processes and techniques so you can start attracting

all that you want, both materially and emotionally.


BETHLEHEM KUNG FU & TAI CHI CENTER Master Teacher Brian H. Kunsman 819 Broadway, Bethlehem, PA 18015 610-691-5750 •

Offering inspiring classes in Tai Chi, Qigong, Kung Fu and Classical Weap- onry. Focusing on an ordinary person achieving high levels of excellence. Challenge yourself with increased energy, reduced stress, and have lots of fun. There are classes for beginners

to advance students.We have classes for everyone 5 to 95 years young. 39 years of experience


EFFORTLESS MEDITATION Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center Greg Schweitzer 628 Twin Ponds Rd., West Lehigh Valley 610-670-6700 De-stress, revitalize and be healthier with scientifically validated and physician recommended Effortless Meditation. Experience rest deeper than sleep! Greg Schweitzer taught for Deepak Chopra, M.D. and other notables for 35+ years. Introductory classes and a 10-hour 7-session course.


AIR CARE & RESTORATION CO. INC. Keith Roe, CIE, CMC 1510 Gary Street, Bethlehem, PA 18018 610-865-8090

We are Indoor Environmental Specialists. We perform all types of indoor air quality testing. Mold, bacteria, asbestos, lead, VOC’s and Allergens can affect your health. We provide specific IAQ

solutions after thorough testing and evaluation. Mold removal, air duct cleaning, UVC germicidal light systems, HEPA filtered air purification, fresh air exchange units and lead paint removal.


CAROL SIDDIQI FGNA, RYT Twin Ponds Integrative Health Center 628 Twin Ponds Rd, West Lehigh Valley 610-618-0467 The Feldenkrais Method reconnects the body to its natural movements, focusing on the relationship be- tween motion and thought. It works with the nervous system, rather than muscles or bones, to improve ev- eryday motion, such as walking, running, golfing, biking, yoga, posture, breathing, etc.

natural awakenings January 2017 59

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