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NOTE: All calendar events must be received via email by the 15th of the month and adhere to our guidelines. Email for guidelines and to submit entries. No phone calls or faxes, please. Or visit to submit online.


Quiet the Mind Group Meditation – New to meditation? Learn several simple techniques to quiet your mind and calm your spirit. 10:45-11am. From 11-11:30am, enjoy crystal singing bowls as you meditate. $5 donation. Walk-ins welcome! Kindred Spirits Books & Gifts, 66 W. Water Street, Hellertown. 610-838-5463.

Box 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445

Setting Intentions for 2017 - Join us on New Year’s Day to set and manifest your intentions for 2017 with a vision board. All supplies and light refresh- ments will be provided during this fun and engaging workshop. 1-4pm. Cost $30. Sacred Space, 45 W. Water St., Hellertown, 610-838-5463.



Free intro to Tai Chi/Qigong – Try something new, but ancient, for the new year. Free info talk for the art and science of tai chi and qigong. Learn how they can energize your body and quiet your mind and why millions of people around the globe practice. Contact Hilary Smith, RN, at 610 751-6090. 11am and 6pm. Steel Fitness Premier, 250 Cetronia Rd., Allentown

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P: 610-421-4443 F: 610-421-4445

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Free intro to Tai Chi/Qigong – Try something new, but ancient, for the new year. Free info talk for the art and science of tai chi and qigong. Learn how they can energize your body and quiet your mind and why millions of people around the globe practice. Contact Hilary Smith, RN, at 610 751-6090. 5:30pm. The Yoga Loft of Bethlehem, 521 E. 4th St., Bethlehem

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Therapeutic Yoga - For students with health or physical challenges. Meets the needs of the attend- ees, with an educational, therapeutic focus toward bringing healing at every level through modified poses, meditation, and other energy-healing mo- dalities with a Professional Yoga Therapist. 6pm. Soulful Journeys, 131 S. Main St., Nazareth, 610- 653-3971

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Overcoming Depression – A free information ses- sion on Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS), a holistic, non-invasive, FDA-cleared op- tion to treat depressive symptoms. Learn how dTMS works and who can be treated. Hear patient testi- monials. Refreshments. 6pm. New Vitae Wellness and Recovery, 16 South Main Street, Quakertown. Pre-register 215-538-3403 ext. 314.


Beginners Yoga – A gentle intro focusing on clear and safe alignment in foundational poses, discov- ering how breath can ease stress, reduce pain and calm your mind, and on developing heightened awareness and mindfulness through the eight limbs of yoga. Soulful Journeys, 131 S. Main St., Naza- reth, 610-653-3971


Greenshire Arts Consortium 3620 Sterner Mill Rd, Quakertown 215-538-0976

Event details at WWW.GREENSHIREARTS.ORG Please register for all activities

Reiki One: January 21, 10am – 4pm. $100. Reiki Two: February 18, 10am – 4pm. $200. New student? Refresh skills? Reiki can change your life! Learn about the hidden world of energies that flow around and through you. Learn to access them for your own use and to help others.

John of God Crystal Bed Sessions: January 7, 9am – 9pm

Developed by John of God for use at his world- renowned healing center in Brazil, Crystal Bed Therapy combines the power of color, light and crystal healing for the body’s chakra and bio-field energy systems to cleanse, balance, and align energies. Sessions are 90 minutes, including guidance for healing intentions. $100. Gift certificates available.

Compassionate Listening January 14, 10am – 12noon Learn to be more present with yourself and others. Cultivate clarity for healthier relationships. Learn techniques to cultivate deep listening, learning where your space ends and another’s begins. This allows communication on a higher frequency without judgment. $30.

What Happened in Egypt? January 14, 12noon – 2pm Having just returned from a spiritual pilgrimage through Egypt, Arlene Curley invites you to feel the energies of this sacred land. After discussion, we will experience sacred ceremony and feel the temples, pyramids, tombs, landscape, and people come alive. Embody the essence of the Great Mysteries. $30.

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Monday – Friday • 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. 3330 Hamilton Blvd., Allentown

P: 610-437-4600 · F: 610-437-1444

Sacred Brilliance: The New You! January 15, 1pm – 5:30pm Experience a unique style of setting goals. Create a Vision Board to help make dreams a reality. A Meditation filled with love, peace and individual blessings will solidify your dreams into action. Aura cleansing will also be done, bringing you into a “healthy, no blockages” new year with balance and clear vision. $65.

Sacred Geometry 201 January 24, 6:30pm – 8:30pm Symbols and more symbols! Learn the meaning of squares, tetrahedrons, hexahedrons, spirals, and more! Experience a meditation with sacred symbols to enhance your personal energy. $30.

Teachings of the Great Mysteries On-line and at Greenshire Explore the Great Mysteries of the Gospel of Mary written by Mary Magdalene as she shares wisdom learned from Jesus of Nazareth during her relationship with him both in human form and in his resurrected state. Discuss the metaphysics of spirituality, and how living our humanity helps us unfold to our divinity. Learn practices that will help with Soul development and how to access higher- level Christ energies. Study the archetypal feminine that Mary represents, and ways to balance the Feminine and Masculine. Stay tuned for details.

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