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Introduction to Card Readings – An ancient art used for centuries by those seeking insight for their lives, helps us see our deepest selves. Dis- cover the history, uses and legends surrounding this unique tool and learn more about your innermost self. 6:30p-8:30p. Cost $30. Sacred Space, 45 W. Water St., Hellertown. 484-463-7673


Healthy Food Workshop – Michelle Costantini, Ayurveda Food & Nutrition Consultant. Most ill- nesses start with poor digestion. Improve yours by broadening your knowledge of food choices, spices and cooking methods.

10 am-1 pm, $45, Dinner Parties also offered, RSVP before Jan. 12, Twin Ponds Center, 720-745-3453

Cold Pressed Soap Making 101 – Learn to make your own natural soaps. Take home a 1lb loaf form your family. 2pm. Ages 16+ unless adult supervised. $35 must be paid in advance. All supplies included. Pocono Soap, 10 N 7th Street Stroudsburg. Register at 570-421-1791.


Quiet the Mind Group Meditation – New to meditation? Learn several simple techniques to quiet your mind and calm your spirit. 10:45-11am. From 11-11:30am, enjoy crystal singing bowls as you meditate. $5 donation. Walk-ins welcome! Kindred Spirits Books & Gifts, 66 W. Water Street, Hellertown. 610-838-5463.

Restorative Yoga – A class using various props that allow to stay in poses for a long period of time without any strain, stress, pain, or dis- comfort. Anyone can benefit from this class especially those with back problems or health concerns. 4:30pm. $15. Moondog Yoga Studio, 44 Front St, Quakertown. 267-374-4046.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 17 savethedate

Box 421 Emmaus, PA 18049 • P: 610-421-4443 • F: 610-421-4445


Energetic Clearing and Protection Workshop – Learn awareness of various energies. Tools to clear yourself and environment. Build energetic shield in unpleasant environments and not be adversely affected. What types of people are preyed upon energetically and how to avoid it. 10am-1pm. $45. Call Andrea Brock at 610-428-0589. Bethlehem.

To: Email:

Intro to Yoga – Our beginner series is a perfect place by starting in a nurturing, supportive environment at a slow & steady pace. You will learn breathing exercises, basic postures and their alignments, plus relaxation techniques. 1-4pm. $35. Moondog Yoga Studio, 44 Front St, Quakertown. 267-374-4046.

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TUESDAY, JANUARY, 17 * 4:00 PM Join us for a free, informal Question and Answer Forum with Dr. Michael Jude Loquasto ND, PHD, DC. Bring your health-related questions and benefit from Dr. Mike’s 50 years of experience in Natural Health. Understand how chiropractic in- ternal medicine, custom herbal formulations and non-invasive oral chelation can benefit you. All are welcome with RSVP. Held at A Natural Medi- cine Clinic, 2571 Baglyos Circle, Suite B-27, Bethlehem. Call 484-821-1460 for a reservation.

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Free Peripheral Neuropathy Workshop - Corey W. Kirshner, DC, DACNB. Learn proven, drug-free methods to reduce pain, burning and numbness that accompanies neuropathy. Improve balance, don’t fear falling. 10-11:30am. Reservations re- quired. Kirshner Health Solutions. www.drkirshner. com 610-435-1777.

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Kindred Canvases - Creating. Fun. For Everyone! The third Tuesday of each month is our Adult Group Painting class. Learn step-by-step painting, and each participant heads home with their own unique masterpiece to hang on the wall! 6:30pm. Cost $30. Sacred Space, 45 W. Water St., Hellertown. 610-838-5463.

P: 610-421-4443 F: 610-421-4445


Free Peripheral Neuropathy Talk − Dr. Tom Wachtmann. Are you living with pain and dis- comfort from peripheral neuropathy? We offer a comprehensive & natural treatment approach that addresses the underlying cause of your pain and targets the root cause. 6:30-7:30 pm, Twin Ponds Center, West LV, Pre-register 610-841-3395

Free A Healthy 2017 with Effortless Meditation™ − Greg Schweitzer. This physician recommended meditation technique is a key for self-care. Gain relief from - stress, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, fatigue, pain, brain fog and more.


-8:45 pm, Twin Ponds Center, West LV, Pre-register 610.670.6700


Nutritional Live Blood Analysis – A unique method of examining a droplet of blood to reveal information on the general wellness and nutritional needs of the individual. Includes a 20-30 minute consultation are performed by Gwen Ward N.D. $80. Health Habits Natural Food Store on RT 873 in Schencksville Call 610-767-3100 to schedule


Compliment your Sefl Care with Our Care – Dr. Maulfair shares 40 years utilizing medical modali- ties that are non-invasive and not usually available in mainstream medicine to alleviate many common ailments of aging and tough conditions that appear chronic. From heart disease to hormonal imbal- ance this workshop is for everyone. 10am-1pm. Free all welcome. 2970 Corporate Ct., Orefield. 610-682-2104.

Blood Chemistry Part One – Reading medical blood tests naturally. Knowing how to read medical tests and what deficiencies may be causing what in- dicators on the test is a powerful way to be in control of your own health. Taught by Dian Freeman, Certi- fied in Clinical Nutrition & Master Holistic Health Instructor. Basking Ridge NJ. 11am-1:30pm $50 non-student. RSVP Required, Call 973 267-4816,

Advertorial Why Do I Still Have Thyroid Symptoms, When My Lab Tests Are “Normal?”

Thyroid disease affects over 20 million people here in the United States alone. The harsh reality is that it is our female population that is being hardest hit. Presently, statistics show over 25 times the incidence of the disease in women than in men.

Are you suffering with: • Excessive Fatigue? • Hair Falling Out? • Depression? • Sensitivity to Cold? • Constipation? • Anxiety? • Heart Palpitations? • Dry Skin and Hair?

How Would You Like To Discover What Every Hypothyroid Sufferer Absolutely Must Know...

• Learn why, even with medication and a so-called “normal” TSH lab test, you still feel... LOUSY! • How up to 90% of Hypothyroidism sufferers (and possibly you) have an often undiagnosed auto-immune condition that’s literally destroying your thyroid and... why your doctor has been ignoring it!

• Did you know that there are 6 different patterns to Thyroid problems and only one is actually helped by medication! • That blood sugar, adrenal glands and your gut play a BIG role in thyroid health?

If you’re tired of dealing with thyroid problems, not getting better and you are worried about getting worse, please call our office at 610- 974-9911 and schedule a consultation with me, Dr. Raymond Benedetto, DC and let’s see if we can help. Patients with thyroid disorders need an experienced expert to guide them in the management of their condition beyond the simple hormone therapy. We’ve been helping patients with thyroid disorders day in and day out and would be happy to consult with you to discuss your individual case.

To schedule a consultation or for more information, please call 610-974-9911 or go to natural awakenings January 2017 53

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