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– S T O P P R E S S – Products reviewed and written by Award Winning Decorator, Wayne de Wet

FANTASTIC PRIZES ON OFFER The lucky winner of this issue will win a selection of Abranet Ace in either 125 or 150 size and a pair of Yuleys overshoes in your size. I have also secured a Free Training Course in ITALY with Colorificio. This trip includes free flights to Siciliy, accomodation, food and a guided tour of the local area and you'll be picking up a new painting skill on the beautiful sunshine island! All you have to do is be able to fly from Stansted Airport.

For a chance of winning these superb prizes send in your name and contact details to and your name will go into the draw.

Diadema Decorative Paint Effect

Manufactured in Sicily by Colorificio Nikkolor s.r.l Luxury Decorative Paints, Diadema is an eco-friendly, water based decorative paint which is both solvent free and non-flammable. Their complete range of products are distributed in the UK by Nikkolor UK Ltd, helpful staff run the showroom located in Lincoln showcasing the beautiful products with brochures and boards. The Diadema comes pre-mixed in the colour of your choice with metallic flakes. Always give it a good stir before and during use to agitate the contents

in case it has settled whilst in transit. Diadema is quite thick so spread it out well by brushing in all directions, a little goes a long way. There are many designs and patterns that can be created and the finished result with the metallic paint is incredible. It looks amazing as the reflection of light catches the broken colour effect and all the different textures are revealed – a great alternative to plain painted surfaces. There are no quick short cuts to getting a good finish and good old fashioned preparation is still the only way. Two coats of Luxury Anchor Primer must

be applied to all surfaces, by brush and roller allowing four hours for each coat to fully dry. After this, mask up and protect surrounding surfaces. A flat Italian 100mm thin brush can be used to apply the Diadema. Simply dip the tips of the brush into the product, applying it almost like you do when

colour washing, in a criss cross manner, making sure you keep the wet edge going. Drying times can be anything from two hours or even as long as eight hours or even overnight. All equipment can be washed out in water. These finishes, once fully dry and cured are attractive, durable and suitable for use in bathrooms, so long as their protective sealer coating is applied.

Try for yourself!

One of each of the featured items are available to one lucky PDA member just email your interest to and your name will go into a draw.

Previous winners include:

Abranet Ace discs to have a longer working life and a ‘cutting edge’ that slices through the work piece more aggressively. Indepth product trials with both my

favourite Toupret and Dunlop Pro Décor fillers produced fantastic results. I also did some aggressive sanding on some old wooden panel doors and window sills with incredible results, it was faster to remove the old flaking paint, than mess around scraping and face filling. I also found the new, tougher, velour

Edred Simmon, Cumbria Safety Stair Rods, AXUS Professional Wallpaper Scissors and Otterbox Defender Series mobile phone cover

Features  Ceramic grain material  Tougher backing velour  Improved disc edge wear  More aggressive abrasive

backing produced a much better, longer lasting grip to the machines backing pad and certainly improves disc edge wear! Abranet, is produced in a whole range of shapes, sizes and grits, and attaches very fast by a hook-and-loop system to sanding blocks and machines.

Benefits  Longer lasting  Better print on abrasive  Grit range P80 to P800  Better grip to backing pad

Peter Baker, Berkshire Zipwall ZipPole Dust Barrier Kit and Redbacks Knee Protection

Desmond Cass, London Mirka DEROS and Paint Brush Cover

John Darwin, North Yorkshire AXIS MeasurePro Tape Measure, StepMac Adjustable Work Platform and Brennenstuhl Heady Duty Cable Reel

Mark Clifton, Tyne & Wear STAiRMATE, Olfa L5-AL and Kovrd Paint Tray Storage Bag

Michele Reading, Buckinghamshire Owatrol Deco, SuperTuff Strainers, Proteca Screen Door Sleeves and Multi-Task spray

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