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WITH VISITOR NUMBERS up 20% to record levels and more exhibitors than ever before the 2013 National Painting and Decorating Show is being applauded by the industry as the most successful in its 19 year history. The Show, which took place over two packed days in November at the Ricoh Arena

in Coventry, saw nearly 3000 professional painter and decorators, stockist and specifiers travel from across the UK – and beyond - to see the very latest the industry has to offer, take advantage of great show only deals and get up-to-date with the all that’s happening in paints, application tools, work wear, transport and ancillary products. PDA Associate Members reported a very good show with excellent visitor numbers.

The PDA stand proved popular and Neil and team were around to answer questions from PDA Members as well as sign up some new members. The 2014 P&D Show will again be held at the Ricoh Arena on 18–19 November.

CITB to simplify Levy Return

CITB IS CURRENTLY consulting with industry on a proposal to simplify the way Levy is generated. In conjunction with the Levy Working Party,

which is made up of industry representatives, and the consensus federations, CITB has listened to concerns from employers. The main concern has been identifying which payments are Labour-only, but there is also a call for the Levy Return to be quicker and easier to complete. Following the consultation, a notice period will

be given to employers and amendments will be made to the levy legislation - any change is unlikely to be introduced until 2016 at the earliest. The proposal is a simplified system based on

payments through the HMRC Construction Industry Scheme (CIS), and specifically on payments to sub-contractors who are paid net of tax (referred to as Net CIS from here on). The main points of the proposal are as follows: •Retain PAYE Levy at 0.5% •No longer raise Levy on payments to Labour-only sub-contractors

•Removal of the offset mechanism. Currently available to employers carrying out labour-only contracts for other employers in the construction industry, it allows labour-only payments received (LOPR) to be offset against the Levy liability to prevent levy being paid twice on the same work.

20 decorator

• Introduce a Levy on payments made to Net CIS sub-contractors

•Only payments made through the PAYE or CIS systems would be liable to Levy

•CITB to maintain current Levy income levels – not increase them

• The majority of employers should end up paying roughly the same amount of Levy as they currently do

• The final proposal must be endorsed by industry

With the proposed changes, Industry could be expected to see the following benefits: • Straightforward identification of figures required to complete the Levy Return straight from the monthly CIS300 return to HMRC

•Removal of the offset mechanism will simplify the process and spread the payment of levy more widely and in the view of the LWP more equitably.

• There is no ambiguity about the status of a Sub-contractor; they are either Net or Gross paid, so it is fact based rather than open to interpretation

• Employers will simply use records kept for HMRC purposes to identify both PAYE and Sub-contractor figures

• Less time consuming than present, therefore cheaper to complete, possibly reduced Accountant/ bookkeeper costs and resulting in more value added time becoming available

• Less scope for employers to get the Levy Return wrong, resulting in a more level playing field for all

As part of the consultation process, CITB will

be holding various workshops around England, Scotland and Wales. You may receive an invitation to attend one of these and we would urge you to take up this offer if you do. The proposal may also be discussed at various PDA members' meetings. During 2014, CITB will be sending a

questionnaire about the proposal to a sample of employers. We would encourage you to complete this to have your say if you receive one. As with 2013, CITB will be collecting data

regarding CIS payments with the 2014 Levy Return. Again, to ensure the research is as accurate as possible, we would strongly urge you to provide this information when you complete your Levy Return.

Further information and FAQs about the proposal can be found at

You can also send any thoughts or comments to or directly to CITB at

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