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Yuleys Protective Shoe Covers

First impressions count, from the moment I set foot into a clients home, be it for the first time whilst estimating or to carry out work, I always take my work footwear off at the door, this gives a great first impression and shows that I respect their home. Over the years I have also used many different types of boot/shoe

covers, from the cheap plastic elasticated type that are fragile and tear very easily, to a more upmarket boot/shoe cover called Clean Boot which was my most recently used favourite. I have now found an even better

Features  Patented hands free fitting

 Durable thermoplastic rubber construction

 Non slip sole

 Works over the top of all safety footwear

Benefits  Re-useable and washable

 Clean indoor footwear without having to take shoes off inside

 Easy to put on over work shoes

solution, which are fitted hands free in seconds, durable, reusable and washable. The royal blue seamless flexible thermoplastic rubber construction is built to last. Yuleys come in a range of men sizes from 7 to 12, allowing them to fit most safety work boots and shoes. To use them, simply put the Yuleys on

the floor, place the toe of your safety footwear in, push forward and tread down on your heel until you feel your work boots are firmly locked into place. They are designed to be tight fitting over work shoes so it’s important to measure the sole of the footwear you wear and translate that into the Yuleys size. A sizing chart is available via the distributors web site. They can be washed in warm

water and will give many years of use. To remove, simply tread on the heal tab with your other foot and step out, repeat for the

remaining foot. But, a word of caution – Do not use on ladders anywhere, or wear externally, or whilst using machinery, or

driving and be careful walking downstairs with them on.

40 decorator Features

 Seamless wall and ceiling broken colour

 Bespoke designs and patterns  Eco friendly and water based

 Solvent free

Benefits  Clean up tools with water  Luxury anchor primer

 Can be used in bathrooms (with own brand sealer)

 Seamless wall and ceiling broken colour

Abranet Ace Abrasive Sanding Discs

Mirka got my 100% vote of confidence the very first time I used their virtually dust free Abranet abrasives sanding system. Sanding with Mirka Abranet is much faster, more efficient and most importantly, healthier, as I am not breathing in all kinds of dust and debris. The time I save on cleaning up is massive too and my working environment has never been cleaner, which is a great selling point to potential new clients when I explain the benefits of virtual dust free sanding. The thing I like about Mirka is that they don’t stand still, they keep on

innovating and the latest improvement is in their Abranet abrasive sanding discs range - hence the launch of the Abranet Ace. I have been using the Ace discs in two sizes; 125mm and 150mm on both the Ceros and Deros sanding machines, connected to a Mirka 915 extraction unit obtaining really fantastic results. At a glance Abranet

and Abranet Ace look very similar, the secret that lies in this new premium product is

that it contains grains of ceramic material. These allow the

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